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October 01, 2009


Julie K.

I thought it was a necessary thing for Winston's breed type to get bathed because of their very thick fur? I think it is cute. And by died, I hope you mean that in the Rachel Zoe way of not actually. :)


it's a real testament to your blogging powers that i have become so attached to winston that even a joke about his death makes me feel slightly anxious. that guy is too weird and awesome not to be immortal and i hope he lives forever.


omg, he's does the three-kisses too!


omg, he's does the three-kisses too!


I have to bathe my Himalayan too. She is like a dry mop...picks up all the dirt wherever she rolls around!

Miss Kitka

More cromulent reasons to give a cat a bath:

3. You're a cutter, but you're too lazy to do it yourself
4. You want to "humiliate" your cat by removing the poo, gear grease, vomit, or other clingy, odiferous matter

John R

AHAHAHA! Most Succinct And Lulzy Post Award.

akbar fazil

People actually are bothered by bathing cats? What the hell.


I love to have my cat bathed. (badda boom)

What a good kitty Winston is.

Account Deleted

I want a cat really really bad, but I think I honestly just want me a Winston...problem is, there is only one Winston....you are one lucky mofo Rich :P


Yeah, seriously? whats wrong with bathing cats? I mean, I don't often find it necessary, but whats so bad about it?


Supposedly bathing cats removes oils from their skin. But given that removing oils from my skin is the major reason I bathe myself, I don't really see what the problem is.


Hmmmm... I just watched a video of a guy bathing his cat. If I could only pin-point the moment where my life went so wrong.


I work as a veterinary assistant... I think people get confused because it isn't good to bathe a cat with great frequency or with people shampoo (the pH is all wrong). But it won't kill or even really harm anything. And certainly it should be done a couple of times a year!

Winston is a hottie. I love him.


hahaha he died nice. ugh i want to drown everyone on youtube.


0:55 looks like a modern day Pieta.



Winston is the my reason for living.


D'awww! Lol, I'm loving the sound effects. Though you forgot a reason, doesn't Winston generally smell really bad? I think you mentioned that once, or maybe it was just his face that smelled bad.
It's always a good day when a Winston post is up! :D


Winston seemed to be enjoying himself, at first. And I love the "Hero" clip with vintage Jackee, Rich!


I hate cats but I love Winston. He's pretty damn great.


Winston is pretty diazepam. If you tried that shit with some cats, your shower would look like a giant bloody Waring blender.


Ah, Winnie, you look so clean - and freakin' skinny, dude! I thought you were like my Horus - the Feline Garbage Disposalâ„¢? However do you keep your svelte figure?

You are so alien-like adorable, it's freakish! Loves to you and your daddies!


That may be the cutest thing I've ever seen! (Sexy biceps, by the way!)


Seeing the BF in the shower is another excellent reason to wash your cat. (Also, RIP Winston)


Have the people who are opposed to bathing cats ever really spent any time around cats? All cats get pretty stank if they don't ever get bathed, the "cats keep themselves clean" argument is wack.


AWWWWWW. I'm sorry, I just had to get it out of my system. I can't believe people would get worked up about bathing a cat. I thought you had to bathe Winston because his face is stank--literally.

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