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October 27, 2009



am i the only one who thinks shakira sounds like she's deaf?

Golden J

heather - I totally catch that too. And I love it.


I was not planning on buying this but maybe it's time to give Shakira a chance.


Never really cared for her in the past, but this album makes me so happy. Lots of really fun disco tracks and soooo many Shakiraisms.

Lolita Hazed

You know who she actually sounds like when she's scatting?
Celine Dion.


Part of the She Wolf video makes her look like she's dancing around in someone's colonoscopy.


Looks like she's dancing inside a glittery vagina. Fun!

Sue Ellen

She is such a weirdo! I love her. Her lyrics are like Engrish.
Did you read that NYT magazine article about her? She's like a charitable alien.




I speak three languages (French, English, and Spanish, in that order), so I can relate to what Shakira is trying to do in English. Her lyrics are clumsy, as if she were trying to systematically translate the wordplay she would use in Spanish. She thinks in Spanish and it comes out all wrong in English ;)

In my opinion, her lyrics in Spanish are sexy, witty and actually quite funny. Once I heard the "original" versions of She Wolf, Did it Again and Why Wait (La loba, Lo hecho está hecho, Años luz), I was hooked! I only listen to these versions now. Obviously, the rest of the album is only in English, there isn't anything to compare it to...

I do admire Shakira's involvement in her songs; I've read that she co-writes and co-produces everything on her albums. It just makes for weird translations and clumsy imagery, as Rich so admirably pointed out ;)


YES! I absolutely agree with Lolita Hazed on the Celine Dion thing! The scat part of the MP3 totally reminded me of the part in Rich's Celine YouTube video where Celine puts her hands out beside her head and goes, "doo da doo doo" or whatever. Hilarious.


"Lucky my breasts are small and humble / so you don't confuse them with mountains" remains my favorite pop lyric. I love me some Shaki, in English and in Spanish.


"A domesticated girl, that’s all you ask of me/Darling it is no joke, this is lycanthropy."

Sigh. That's all kinds of swell.

Cynthia Horton Jones Wheeler Boothe Smythe Fortscue Hunter

You are the only person on earth who saw that video and had that thought. For real.



"Lucky that my breasts are small in humble so you don't confuse them with mountains" = greatest line in the history of pop music, ever. Short of "It's Britney, bitch," anyways.

The album is wonderful. Love this review too. Shakira really seems mentally insane, and for this reason I find her exhilarating.


Fully agree with Gen about the language difficulties.

These sounds all sound amazing in Spanish, and clumsy in English.

At the same time, there's something you've got to love about how ridiculous her English lyrics end up.


Her English is impeccable. If you've never read an interview or seen one you should before making a sweeping generalization.

"Why wait for later? I’m not a waiter." ("Why Wait") This reverberates with me as particularly clever, and I don't know why! Her facility with language, in English and Spanish, is mesmerizing and very odd. The -humble-breasts line is a direct translation ingles/espanol. She talks that way, too. This girl is crazy and I just revel in her strangeness.

"You say you love me like no other, but you can't live on bread alone" is another one of my favourites (from LA TORTURA (ALTERNATE VERSION).


Did her performance of She-Wolf on SNL the other week strike anyone else as DESPERATE?

Her dancing, her constantly looking to the camera/audience with a "please, buy my record" sort of look - which, even tho I've never been a fan, I've never thought she looked desperate.

The dancing was horrible, and her howling was bembarrassing

k. west

"Good Stuff" is traditional reggae, and by that I mean it sounds like late-era No Doubt/"

i love you.


when are you going to write about SCIENTOLOGY? I feel that has the pageantry, the gayness (sadly the self-loathing kind), and fucking ridiculousness fourfour and his followers live for.

That shit is crazier than the Pee Wolf.


who produced this album???


I used to refer to her as Skahira, but Shapeera is better. Much, much better. Thanks.


I love her, she's so unique. Shakira Shakira


Shapeera-Bush comparisons are surprisingly apt. If Kate cums when she gets an award, I'm pretty sure the big S would piss herself.


Courtney Love had an obsession for awhile with calling her a massive cokehead. It was one of her asides of choice during whatever rant was happening.

I feel really strange about her 1+1=sexuality world, but I don't get that about R&B in general. I always think it sounds like someone homeless in Brazil is trying to find a place to live, so they'll say anything.


I love her music. Seriously. I sing along to all her spanish stuff even though I have no idea what she's saying. I want to hang out with her. I know that sounds crazy but she just seems so cool/weird. I'm tickled you also like her. :)

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