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October 15, 2009



haha perfect


lol...can that husband's laugh get any creepier? Thanks for this, Rich. Although tempted, I think I'll remain a flat chested wonder.


"the breast-enhancer/chicken-cutlet subsitute"

from that description I gathered that this was an informercial for chicken cutlets full of estrogen and other hormones to make women grow bigger breasts. Kind of like the weight watchers meal plan... but opposite. I was so surprised when they first showed the 'fleshy' gobs of rubber! The infomercial worked, I thought they were real!


Haha, this belong on Everything is Terrible. I'm sure they would get a kick out of this.


I can't describe how creepy this is, especially the husband with that giggle.


No comment on the hosts THICK THICK THICK dark brown (?) lip stick?


This made my day. I remember watching these commercials as a pre-teen and TOTALLY wanting them. I still would love to try them just to see how they would feel/look.



women of color are all that color, so nice job, curves.


Ah, the '90s.

Miss Lisa

It's GREAT to be a woman! Especially a falsie-wearing, beach-volleyball-playing, full-figured, well, I wouldn't say FULL-figured, woman with a great chest!


That's too funny. I love that they come in fancy boxes, in one of the only two skin tones women have...


"I used to look like a stick of gum. Now I look like a stick of gum with candy dots for tits!"


argh fuck you Curves! Having big boobs DOES NOT make you look skinnier!


"Breasts are back in a big way" -- what the hell? I realize this commercial was filmed before I had any bubbies to speak of, but when were breasts ever OUT?


"and mocha, for women of color"
oh ok.

Benny Lava

I really want to know what shade of Krylon the host is using to achieve that lip look.


I love the woman with the spastic, twitchy, kicky dance.


I'd like five sets please, in mocha.


The chestless wonder!


"Extra awesome" indeed!


The main narrator looks a lot like McKey...


what a twisted infomercial, seriously, the guy who made this horrid infomercial haves serious issues. Maybe curves is the worst product ever made.

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