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October 21, 2009



You live in Manhattan? Lucky. I have to ride an hour and a half commute both ways every day.


Juzwiak? Are you some kind of Jew?


I wish I could go.. :( Though I couldn't get in even if I wanted.

Dan Selzer

Trust me, you could get in!


Rich what time is your set?


Are people going to be dressing 80s or just any halloween costumes?


I would be there if I were in new york! damn!

Dan Selzer

I imagine some people will be dressed 80s, some people in just any halloween costume, some people in prom specific costumes. For instance Nicole and I are 80s prom couple killed by mutant corsages.


Rich! LTRFTP, gigantic fan of ANTM re-caps and Winston, and my husband lives for Pot Psyche. We are coming.

I am Shiva the god of destruction in his traditional, blue form, and my husband is Shiva the god of destruction in a more modern form. See you there!


do i need to rsvp

Dan Selzer

nope, just 5 bucks at the door.


why are you afraid of lice if you dont have any hair?


What time's it at?


I love that horr mask picture.


I love Halloween, it is always a good time for parties and to wear a costume.

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A fitting tribute to your beloved abuelita. She would be so pleased. You certainly are a pretty lady, too.

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What a beautiful, touching piece in remembrance of your beloved Grandmother. She must be very pleased, as her spirit smiles upon her lovely granddaughter.

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A lovely story that moved me very much. A big hug from Austin, for all our grandmothers.

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Thank you scanner. It is too bad the media isn't getting it right. But that is probably not just circumstance.

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This is so very inspirational and educational. And I just smiled when I saw the photo of you with your book at the end of this marvelous piece! Thank you for sharing this!!! And many congratulations to you! Rated with admiration.

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