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October 30, 2009



That is adorable. And I think he likes it.


Yay! Winston totally has the face for Glo-Worm. I mean, an evil pissed off Glo-Worm, but still. I've been waiting on this all month.

I'm all jealous and stuffs that I can't cuddle the Winston like that though.

IzZy : P

I think that my cat would kill me if i dressed him up in anything, so i don't even bother trying. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL!


So cute!!


I still think the rice crispy square was the best costume ever. This is a close second.


This is made of awesome!

The Tyra-esque bitchface on Winston in the first picture brings this costume into the stratosphere!


Awwe. Winston is sweet as Glo-Worm. Unfortunately I have no costumes for any of the pets, and if I did, they wouldn't have it.

Driver B

Glo Win is so accommodating. Love it!


oh man, that is too cute! makes me miss my old glow worm... SQUEEEEEEEEZES to GloWin.


Aw man, you should have attached little wings under the Glo Worm costume so when he molted he'd metamorphize into a butterfly!


i think winston is gonna find a way to get revenge


Thanks, Rich. This made my day. Actually, it made my life.


I just want to squish him! What a fluffy bundle of annoyance and love! purrrrfect


He's so tolerant. LOL. Love him. Love you guys.


He pupated and emerged from his cocoon!


This is the most mellow cat ever. I wish to steal him, quit my job, and spend my days dressing him up and screaming with delight.

...god, I really have become a crazy cat lady in my old age. FML.


LOVE Winston's costume!! Please tell me that you're going to be Freddy Krueger for Halloween.


Aww, He looks like an irradiated ear of corn!


Fantastic! It's so not pet-friendly. But if any cat can pull this one off, it's Winston.


of course i love winston.
but i love your dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince reference even more.
wore that cassette out. WORE it out.


I love his little peter pan hat.


Winston's default facial expression seems to be "irritability," which is my default emotional state of mind, so I think he's pretty freaking great.


Yay!!! I've been checking the blog multiple times a day to see what awesome getup Winston is busting out this year. Top marks :)


ET and Eliott were my favorite Winston & Rudy costumes, but I do so love the Glowworm!


Love it!

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