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LOL....This is surely cat abuse. Poor Winston, but I do think he likes it.


AWW! I want a win glo worm to cuddle!

The thing I love most about Winston: any post including his face is automatically hilarious.

The suit is lovely :D Did he like it at all? Winston happy face and Winston angry face are too similar for me to distinguish.

Washington "Boo" Cube

I'm late to the party. How did he even stay in that costume for so long? I thought he'd use your Freddie fingers to tear it off immediately.


Winston's so adorable LOL


How could I forget about Win's Halloween costume? What the hell is wrong with me!!

Ah, well it's still as good three days later. Well done, boys! Lol! This was a lot of fun. Especially loved the cuddling. Awww. :D

Jennifer Rogers

This just in - pea-pod gives birth to Winston.



the 35 sec mark, winston looks sooooo precious, and fluffy,with big furbie eyes LOL


Is he named after Winston Churchill? My kitty is and I think that is why he is so serious all the time.

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You are such an inspiration to me. I wrote a piece today about writing a book, and I mentioned some great writers on OS, that have taught me so much. You are on top of that list. Thanks You!

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