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Oh man, I had one! I like Glo Win better though, it's the attitude.


Good night glowbaby.


Goodnight, Glo Win!

Andrea not in Brooklyn, now in Rochester

You know, if you ever have to medicate Winston, you can just burrito him in his Glo-Worm costume.


i just watched the christmas video again and every time winston whines my cat comes from no where and attacks the computer speakers.
the glow worm costume was also ridiculously amazing. well done.


I would totally need a blood transfusion if I tried to put my cat in that costume. I love Winston!


Wow hearing that commercial brings back memories from Saturday morning cartoons! Winston looks awesome as a Gloworm, Happy Halloween =)


Ow. My heart. He needs to wear that little hat like EV'RYDAY!


Rudy declined to take part in this year's Halloween festivities because he believes that Halloween is for whores and Satanists. Winston participated for the very same reason

Is definitely in the top five of the "Top ten of things that made me laugh out loud the longest at Rich's blog"

Your blog is so awesome. :)

Happy Halloweenie!


Very cute idea. I almost wish they bred limbless cats that did nothing but loll around adorably and wait to be squeezed like a roll of Charmin.

Happy Halloween you guys!


Rich, the animal rescue authorities will be arriving at your place within the hour. May God have mercy on your soul.


i had completely forgotten about glo-worms! that's so hilarious! :) i really love the pic of you and winston with the freddy glove tho-classic. you ought to make a compilation post of all of his costumes, like you did for your banners. i'm quite intrigued by the rice krispy one! happy halloween, rich. you are my internet candy!


That is GENIUS! I love it. Also, I am now having some major nostalgia over here.


i die. winnie is shutting it down.


I love seeing sweet kitties like Winston but now I want a kitty.

Joe Bowman



I too ,think winston liked being squished in that peapod/glo worm getup! LOL


I an so jealous that your cat lets you dress him up without looking a posterchild for animal cruelty. My cat lays on her side and wishes she could just die on the spot.

Phoebes Mom

Love it....but how do you keep him from shitting all over your bed in revenge?


Most patient cat in the entire world :D


Seeing that was the perfect end to a great Halloween weekend! Love the Glo Worm costume and love Winston!!! Too bad about Rudy though... tell him to get off his holy high horse for next year!

Tess Alexandria


Guy Smiley

Dear Rich-
You don't know me but i am in love with you. I really cannot tolerate that you haven't posted about ANTM this week yet. It's literally just not fair. I am on the verge of tears. This episode meant so much to me. It may have been the most insane 60 minutes of television ever!

I'm starving for .gifs,
Get your hustle on girl.


Just when you think he can't get any cuter.........bam, Glo Win........although I must confess when I first saw it, I thought he was going to be a snap pea....

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

Considering that I've never done the Halloween thing - mostly through lack of opportunity - Winston in costume is easily the best thing about this particular holiday. LOVE the glowworm outfit, although the rice krispie treat is hard to top this comes pretty close.

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