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October 14, 2009



I can't wait to see Drag Me To Hell since I missed it during its run in the theaters.

I have to disagree though, PG13 doesn't have to be the kiss of death (though I agree it often is). A horror movie can be incredibly scary and tense without a smidgeon of gore (you can argue with me all you want, but the original The Haunting made me need to sleep with the lights on). Unfortunately, the movies that are all PG13 rated horror movies now are not only watered down and made to appeal to the largest audience possible, but they are also completely devoid of imagination (hence all the asian remakes), skill (hence those movies that are filled with beautiful teenagers so you'll overlook the flaws) and any sort of interest in the genre (other than the return on investment).

So what Raimi did wasn't that incredible, but rather its a testament to how poor everyone else does it.

Golden J

Another interesting thing about the PG-13 rating is that it had exactly opposite its intended effect. It probably killed the movie's box office by turning away "real" horror fans who would see any dumb slasher-of-the-week but wouldn't go see something that looked "kiddie" to them. If it had actually been rated R (even with the same content) it could have done better, which is a shame.


I loved this movie. I was laughing hysterically in the theater when I saw it. I hope Raimi continues to make badass movies like this.

Also, I love that goat GIF.


I bet Allison Harvard loves that nosebleed gif.

Also, I loved this movie. I screamed a lot when I saw it in the theaters.


Goats are cute, even though they have freaky eyes. I want to see the cute goat footage.


I <3 Goats. Don't ask me why.

Skyler Harvey

Bahahh! Laurie's comment about Allison Harvard loving that nosebleed = Gold.

Rich, if I was to ever ask a favor of you, it'd be to put Allison's smiling head on the boss. :)


Actually, regarding sound restrictions: Shyamalan had to remove a sound effect in order to achieve a PG-13 rating for The Village. And the movie “13 Ghosts” uses, in my opinion, the most pounding sound effects ever.


The ending was incredibly satisfying.



Definitely one of the most under appreciated movies this year. Hitting all the right notes in a horror comedy is a TOUGH thing to do because people often go more comedy than horror, but Raimi has always been a genius at figuring out where the line is.

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I already watched this movie with my husband 2 or 3 months ago. This movie is one of the horror movies that I will never forget of entire life because this movie really scares me. Honestly, I am a fan of horror stories and movies but I really am scared of them.


When I saw this in the theater, a bunch of kids who were too young to be familiar with Evil Dead were there, and they obviously didn't know what they were in for. They didn't get it. I think they should have marketed this movie more as a comedy than straight-up horror. That being said, you shouldn't have to see the Evil Dead movies to appreciate the genius of Drag Me to Hell. Haven't had that much fun watching a movie in a long time!

Miss Lisa

I too love goats. They're really personable and smart. This film got good reviews and it looks uh, refreshing...? Sam Raimi is such a clever fellow, isn't he?


i cant fucking wait to see this! My ex-hubs and I almost bought a goat once, a pygmy girl with horns...too cute. We were scared our dog would try to eat her though. *tear*


I saw this with an aspiring film-maker friend who just hated it. He bitched and BITCHED about how 'stupid' the main character was. I think he just hated her because she killed a kitten.
What bothered ME about that was that she didn't finish reading the instructions for an animal sacrifice before she did it! No wonder it got all screwed up!


Dude... What Lies Beneath was a fantastic PG-13 scary movie. So was The Exorcism of Emily Rose.... the part where the boyfriend wakes up in the night, looks down and she's frozen in a contorted, agonized shape on the floor? SO disturbing. But hey, she knew how to work her angles for the camera.

Additionally, goats are the best animals and I wish I could have a fainting goat for a pet. I even chose the Google Voice phone number 410-???-GOAT :)


I overheard someone in the theatre complaining afterwards that the possessed handkerchief was the stupidest thing he's ever seen. But I was laughing so hard at that in a good was and was a little freaked out about it later!



I saw it in the theaters with my friend who doesn't like scary movies and fought me the whole time until we literally had no other choice. Now mind you, I had no idea of the director and have never seen any of the Evil Dead movies. I was howling the moment the gypsy stepped into the bank. The audience was quiet except for me guffawing, so I'm sure they didn't understand what was so gotdam funny.

So anyway, by the time it gets to the parking lot scene, a real fight breaks out in the theater! And one of the guys picks up his Big Gulp soda and throws it at the other guy, which winds ups spraying the people nearby, including my friend, who had just gotten her hair done! Oh lawd, you do NOT fuck with a Black woman's new do! (place plug for Chris Rock's "Good Hair" right here.) She was like "oh hell no" and was wanting to jump into melee. And where was I? Peeing my pants with laughter because the fight in the theater was happening at the same time as the fight on the screen. My friend was cursing, the gypsy cursing, the audience was cursing and I was HIZ-ZOWLING! By the time the cops came and arrested the fighters (the projectionist never stopped the film), the audience had joined me and was hysterical until the end of the film. When the lights came up, the man in front of me turned around and said "You have the best laugh. Thank you." It was the best nite evah!


The possessed goat was the best part of the movie for me. Otherwise it was pretty horrible, and I've seen some a lot of bad horror films.


Can we please talk about how awesome Allison Lohman is? She was perfectly cast in this role. I instantly connected with her character from the first moment I saw her. Ellen Paige was supposed to star in this but dropped out before filming. Thank god! I can't see her pulling the role off as well as Allison...


I agree with the comment above about Ellen Paige. I think she is a good actor, but she would have been totally wrong for this part.

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I Thinks this movie was one of the best horror films of 09.


I don't care if this movie was good or bad.
I have not screamed or had so much fun at a movie as when I saw Drag Me to Hell. Give him an Oscar!


Bank Officers refusing an old woman an extension SHOULD be damned to hell. And for longer than three days


Still one of my favorite movies from this year. I heard someone bitching about how it wasn't scary, or the ending was obvious, and it made me sad for America. Miss the point much? Enjoy it for what it is: hilariously entertaining. I wish I could watch more films in which loan officers get tormented by demons and puked on for 90 minutes.

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