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I remember being a little kid and getting an Alf record, yes record, in my happy meal. It was cardboard and wouldn't play for shit. This...there are no words for this. Damn I miss the 80s.


I had all of the Alf puppets from Burger King. Sad, I know.


NOOO. Alf gave me nightmares when I was a kid...

This actually just made me die. I'm dead now.


Possibly the coolest thing about this (other than Alf, of course) is the fact that the saucy little shimmy-er you have on the left as your current hero seems to be shaking her groove thang to this delicious housemix. Unintentional hilarity. Thanks for the big ol' smile today, Rich!


I totally just played this and stared at your current hero, the soultrain dancer, who was of course GETTIN' IT to the song! Love it!

Queen Lena

Your current hero matches the song perfectly. Man, this makes me wish I were high.

Pumping Irony

An Art of Noise sample?! We must've all been on coke...

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