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October 28, 2009



OMG that is so scary, where do you find this stuff?


My dog would just wet herself if we threw these things at her. Also I'm pretty sure that I could make those out of plastic cups and spare change.


Seriously, WTF is this? You scare the crap out of your dog and then praise it for running from your obvious insanity?


Is that "pitchman" Sean Hannity ? Looks like him...


Oh Jeez, how much I hate him. So, what did Pawlow teach us again? Throwing the things, scaring the dog, and then rewarding the dog for being scared. Äh, fail?!


Someone needs to have a chat with Cesar Millan.


That was terrifying! That dog must be brainwashed.


you need to watch The Natural History of Chicken.
i found it last night on watch instantly part of netflix.
these people are crazy... reminds me a lot of the post you did about the cat show


WTF. So scaring the shit out of your dog and then petting it is considered "training"? This video is the opposite of making sense.


i love you, rich, i'm sorry i don't usually comment, but i never have anything worth saying besides tongue bathing you and that shit gets tiresome, i bet. then there's the language barrier which prevents me from articulating what i want to say (see?)
i love you, please don't ever leave us!


Oh god - as I watched this, my viewing was punctuated with "What?... Oh my...BWAHAHAHAHA...WHAT??!! What is he... serious...BWAHAHAHAHAH!"

Seriously, my kids came running and then we watched it together and laughed.

Rich, you're awesome.


The too high fireplace bothered me more than anything. And whatever color that carpet is, but I'm colorblind, so I'm not an expert.

Rob W.

Love it! It's so everything is terrible.


Not gonna lie...While the guy was saying all that "Good boy, come come come come come, good boy" stuff, I definitely felt bathed in a pedophilic glow.

Don't know how in the world this product didn't catch on.


Did you see that dog run over that sectional couch!?
I immediately wanted The Man Stopper. If you look like an idiot, stop it!


Victoria: Totally. Somewhere in Los Angeles, Cesar's head just exploded.


If you can't control your dog's behavior without launching terrifying noise-grenades at it, then you might be better off with a goldfish. Yes...an infinitely patient, deaf goldfish would be just right for you.

Vanessa M

I have heard trainers say that if your dog has a habit of snatching food off of counter tops or rooting thru the trash, you should put a jar of pennies on said object and the horrible crashing sound will dissuade them in the future. Perhaps that is his logic.

I wonder if his poor dog understands why he is throwing shit at her tho? Did he wait for her to chew on a shoe or something before he did his live demo? And while the term "space age" was attached to any number of products in the 80's, what exactly is spacey about a piece of tupperware with coins inside?


They are space-age so they must be good.


I usually don't like leaving mean comments, but what an evil dickhead.

Personally I prefer saying "stop." But that's just me.


Very funny dog video!


This dude's like a combination of child molester, rapist, wife beater and cult leader... I'm officially freaked out!


in the car??


you're paying for what you could essentially make yourself - a soda can with some coins or marbles and tape on top. I've heard of having things like that to shake/scare the dog when they do something bad with house training, but I've never heard of tossing them by the dog or then praising the dog after.

I did love the "space-age" term tho. I miss that.


Oh, Jesus. I met a guy who looked just like him last night! Right down to the toothless look and tiny stature. "I may sound like a moron....." No, dumbass, you ARE a moron.

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