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October 19, 2009



FIRST!! great as always!


"At least she's reached a symbiosis with the caterpillars she's hosting: she keeps them safe, and they keep her fierce."

I LOL'D 4 LYF at that!

Man, I love me some Bloody Eyeball. And normally I can't handle overly happy/perky people but Laura is just so full of joy! How can you not love her?

I also realized recently that Kara looks like my gay guy friend. but not as cute.


laura= kenneth the page from '30 Rock'


Holy crap, Kara looks like Sloth from the Goonies in that first gif.


As soon as Kara started talking about homeless dogs ... I just kept thinking, you do realize most of us are going to agree with you Kara, right?? So un-self-aware sometimes, these reality contestants.


I too, have a love for Laura. Her country-ness is almost comparable to Natasha's alien ways. But mostly I just miss Natasha. When I'm bullshitting with friends and some dumb girl drama comes up I yell "Some people have war in their countries!"


I didn't find Brittany remotely attractive or modelesque until that screenshot of her with fuzzy cleavage. I think I "get" her now. I also wasn't rooting for her until Rozae got all cunty about the shoe.




Best one of the season so far...


Teehee, Poochie.


Did I miss an announcement Tyra made banning heels at judging? I find it odd that in every judging I've seen (I admit not all as I prefer your recaps to the real thing)the under 5'7" set are always in flats.

I agree with Chelsea re: Brittany. So far her best pic is the screen shot of her blurred out chest. Otherwise she usually looks haggard and bedraggled and bleh and her head is way bigger than the rest of her. Hoping Laura and Bloody Eyeball and Erin make the Top 3.


Have you noticed that all the girls wear FLATS to the elimination ceremony? In all prior seasons they always wore heels and were reprimanded if they DIDN'T wear heals, but now for the petite girls they wear flats? I don't get it.


I went to college one county over from Laura's hometown in Kentucky. Parking meters are hard to come by in those parts for sure. But pants were plentiful.


I must admit... I find that song embarrassingly addictive. It's so chilled!

Vanessa M

Am I remembering wrong or they didn't blur Brittany's chest until Tyra said her top was pornographic?

Sorry, also who do you mean by Whitney Rich? Whitney the plus-size girl from a few cycles ago? That doesn't seem to fit. Who is Whitney? Damn it.

(This reminds me that I used to get stoned with a girl named Whitney in High School. She had mad skills with an AquaNet can. I'm originally from Kentucky. And that brings me to...)

Stanford is indeed pretty small but I'm from a small town in KY too and we still had freaking parking meters. WTF Laura? There must never be parking tickets there either. Her rosy demeanor makes just a little more sense now.

Finally, I don't like to trash anyone but really Kara was scruffy. Looking at her made my scalp itch.


Hey LOL I have never used or seen a parking meter before!


love it Rich, wonderful job!

Im glad Kara is gone, she DID have a striking face but she came off as [edited as] a fucking tool. It'd be a real quick end to her modeling career if she ever spoke to.about me the way she did Nicole.


I was mostly waiting for your post this week just so I could hear anyone else's ideas as to whyTF they blurred Brittany's chest. The neckline wasn't even anywhere near the nip area. That is, unless Brittany has really off-center nips? Hmm, maybe we're gonna have a super special revealing in a later episode. This is this season's psoriasis. This is this season's Asperger's. This is this season's burn scars.

Anyway, they didn't blur it until Tyra made a comment about how it would look pornagraphic on her. Maybe the editor was just making a joke?


To those talking about flats, in Laura's Model Life blog (Rich linked to it in the Lu elimination episode recap) she mentions something offhand about how the girls were not allowed to wear heels at judging and how this broke her little heart. Anyway, this point is pretty obvious because, duh, Tyra won't get her kadooze for challenging "the industry" if the wee little dwarf models appeared on tv as regular human size.
Anyhoo, I was surprised how easily manipulated I was by this episode because I quite literally burst into applause when Bloody Eyeball won the go-sees. I'm easily pleased. Apparently, Tyra has me wrapped around her (wagging Benny Ninja-style) finger with this edit. Oh well. I was happy when old tubbykins Whitney won, so I'm sure I'll be just as pleased when/if Bloody Eyeball does ... But you really don't think Laura has this whole thing on lock-down? I think Tyra might be gunning for a "regular 'Merican" to win (cf: WallMart, short short short short short models, a plain ol' gal just plucked from the obscurity of the Tyra Banks Show audience). If the foreign country they visit is secessionist Texas, then I'm 100% right.


Also, I like to remain spoiler free for ANTM. But I was reading the synopsis for the next episode or two on my Tivo. And, unless the Tivo summary was poorly worded, it gave away the overseas destination. And, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to remain spoiler free, but if it IS the real destination...all I can say is double-you. Tee. Eff.


I think Kara actually looked her hottest while crying.



Name is required.

...as opposed to, I guess, a light saber or one of those new-fangled swords with a laser sight and silencer)"

Today is one of the rare days that reading the Internets made me laugh out loud.


The bitching over Nicole really confused me too. Her quirky personality has been my favorite, because she's the last to give in to the cheesiness stupidity of the show. Whereas Laura is just happy and excited - but in a sweet way, so she's my other favorite. The other girls are just turning into bitches, including Brittany & Rae, which makes me like them less. It really is either kind editing, or she really just doesn't give a fuck and the other girls are too catty and don't like that she's not fighting with them back.

Nicole and Laura in the top 2, and I'll forgive the show for Allison not taking it last year.

Also - a Poochie reference? You rule.

"what's his name again? I forgaaaaaaaaht"


As we got closer and closer to Erin's eyebrows, I started hoping that the final shot would be of two tiny Winston's over her eyes.


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