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October 29, 2009


Labia Minora-Majora



"It's wonderful to hear vividly arranged renditions of a dozen or so of his hits on a booming movie theater sound system. That's worth the price of admission, and the entire ordeal is mesmerizing as a result."

My sister will be glad to hear this. She'd bought tickets and then had second thoughts about seeing the movie based on stuff other people were saying.


OK, ok, ok, I will go - not for the sweatpants but because I am a Wonkaphile.


Rich, I expect a gif wall of all the dicks in sweatpants when the DVD is released, because there is no way in Hell I'm ever watching this movie.


"I can think of no greater praise for this organized series of clips than to say that watching it made me forget that Michael Jackson is dead."

- I think that's the most beautiful line I've ever seen you write!


FYI: Those pointy-shouldered jackets are from Balmain designer Christophe Decarnin's 09 collection directly inspired by Jackson's military styles - 15Gs a pop for the King of Pop.


You know what's really cool about those paired gifs? If you do the Magic Eye cross-and-refocus thing, you can see an animated Michael in 3-D!




Thank you Rich for this post. I knew you were still my brother from another mother in my head. You had me a little confused with your last Mariah review. lol

Anyway, yes, This is It was fucking great. And my two friends and I were marveling at the HOTNESS of his male backup dancers grabbing their crotches. The male backup dancers were delightful eye candy coupled with the awesomeness of watching MJ do his thing on stage.

Michael Jackson will be missed. Everyone should see "This is It." RIP MJ.


Best movie of the year.


I never minded the man when he was alive, but now that he is gone I wish he would stop showing up on my computer and tv. Its like that episode of South Park, but I only see him.

I'd rather see Billy.


Rich!! I am so glad you mentioned the Popeye T-Shirt b/c I could not figure out what was on his shirt..LOL
What an amazing tribute to the King!! We got to see a side of MJ that was rarely seen- especially how funny he was. My friends enjoyed seeing how gentle he was with his critcisms ("It feels like there's a FIST in my ear but I'm adjusting to it") As always, great review. To quote the King.."God Bless!"

MJ Forever!


He looks like the joker in that gif. And not heath-ledger-as-the-joker but straight out of a comic book joker. The oddly long and thin proportions, greasy hair and purple hue to the suit from the lights... I'm half expecting him to be lobbing some whimsical bomb with the gesture he's doing.


I was weary of this review after seeing those gifs and reading the long list of "weirdness" but I basically breathed a sigh of relief when I read the last line. So very true.


"I can think of no greater praise for this organized series of clips than to say that watching it made me forget that Michael Jackson is dead."

Really? Michael Jackson doing lip sync, dancing the same old moves, exchanging the music for a circus.

Michael Jackson die in 1983.


That gift is the very best example that Michael Jackson was a washed out, out of touch dancer.


Well, the sad part about this, is that "This Is It" is not even a movie, anyone who say that this piece of home videos clips are the last great legacy of MJ is as dumb as Latoya.

I agree with Mike, MJ leave the earth in 1983.


The succes of "This is it" proves that Michael Jackson fans are so out of touch with reality, it's like his fans praised everything, from that cheesy homage at the VMA's with Janet to the horrible tribute at Dancing with the stars, you know, it's like those are the great tributes to a man who spend his life in show business? a ridiculous coreography by the Dancing with the stars crew?

"This is it" is not far from the other cheesy tributes, sad to see that this man din't inspired a real tribute from real musicians after his death, can't wait to see the AMA tributes with no talent industry whores like Chriss Brown or Britney Spears, plus the MJ regulars like Quincy Jones and Liz Taylor. Don't you think Michael deserved more?


Some of these posts are surprisingly ignorant and insensitive. Being neutral to MJ is one thing, but the negativity? Really? I digress: Your review was to the point and well written - it's appreciated, Rich. I personally loved the movie. I've always been a fan, been intrigued by Michael and his "eccentricities", seemingly unusual behavior and sense of self... It's unfortunate to know that he was in top shape (dancing, singing) and hoping for a comeback of sorts that would never happen. He was a phenomenal talent, I mean just phenomenal, and watching the film, you do forget that he's no longer here... you're just sorta taken aback by the talent.


Your last sentence almost brought tears to my eyes. I expected you to be maybe a little more cynical in review (not that you're always that way - you just see through BS if it's afloat and ya don't take shorts, or something similar) but as usual you hit it right on the head. Totally chuckled at the pointy shoulders during the movie (thinking "has he been sportin them non-stop SINCE Dynasty??) but did not notice Pop-iced, and I love Popeye. Love the penguin of course. Love u to of course. ;)


Peter Peter, my-ass eater. I'm an MJ fan only slightly out-of-touch with reality. As a matter of fuckyou, I have been appalled at JanetDamitaHo since MJ's death, from the ridiculous non-event of her MTV thing, to seeing the "making" (?) and "rehearsing"(??) of that "event", where her attitude was basically just-another-day, to seeing her sweater cows OUT BIG-TIME at the last MJ funeral. Take your sweeping generalizations and eat me.


Thanks, Rich, for such a beautifully written review! I hope I get to see this film before it goes away.


LISA - That action in the gif is NOT a dance move, it's a direction to the crew below the stage.


Awww, whatever. People are either fans of MJ or haters. If you think the movie is lame, then keep your negative Betty butt home. Nobody really cares.

Moving on, Rich you continue to rule on all things important. I love this review of TII. I agree- the movie is alive. It's a retrospective for sure, but I felt like I was really there and, for a moment, was anticipating the final show before sadly realizing there never would be one.

Sigh. Best movie I've seen this year. Hands down.


"That gift is the very best example that Michael Jackson was a washed out, out of touch dancer."

Lisa, I hope you know how ignorant this comment is.
1. It's a .gif
2. That's not a dance move at all. He's directing the crew.
3. You clearly did not see 'This Is It.' This 50 year old man could move. I suggest you inform yourself before you voice your opinions.

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