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Does this mean Winston is the feline equivalent of Nutty Madam?

Michael Morgan

Computer screens as mirrors is an unusual but delightful motif.


So much Winston action lately, I love it.

That "i am neurotic" site is pretty funny as well.


"...I just know that the animal will detail everything I did...." Love that, and the video.

Our rescued cat is so nosy, it's an invasion of privacy. And she likes to watch TV too, just like the dogs.

Winston, as always is awesome!


I can't make the video play, it just times out trying to download it. But I did get the Bupa advert. Hmm.


I couldn't get the thing to play either, not even on the Twi-Cats page. And yesterday, I couldn't even get this comment text box to appear...

Although all that really needs to be said is: "Winston, don't let all this fame go to your (edible) head!"


If you wait, you can get the video to play. It's well worth it to see the kitties' reactions, or non-reactions, to the stupid dialog from the movie. Winston and Rudy seem especially nonplussed by the hysterics. Maybe they'd like True Blood or Vampire Diaries better? [The fluffy calico is especially pretty.]


Hilarious! And I love Winston you have a great cat


I love seeing Winston and Rudy interact. They're like The Odd Couple.


Some of those cats were at the end of their tails with antici....pation


I can totally see Winston ratting out the babysitter


I really feel that you should write a blog expressing your opinions on Twilight. I'm not sure if you would like or loathe the series, mostly because you often enjoy corny/cheesy/campy stuff for the novelty of it. The first Twilight movie was so hilariously awful at parts that I couldn't believe anyone would take it seriously. Anywho, you should really do a blog on all of the hysteria and how ridiculous that shit is.


This is clearly the next step in Winston's foolproof plan to rule the world.


While Winston is obviously a star, I felt that Rudy's handsomeness stole the show - well, except when the fluffy calico wasn't onscreen........purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty.


So, it's allllmost Halloween- what will Rudy and Winston be this year?


I was wondering the same thing, BonzoGal. Getting close to Halloween and haven't seen Winnie & Rudy's costumes. Tick tock tick tock.

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What the heel is that thing? Man, I can't see that cat's face without thinking that it must be a toy or something. I would never had it in my house. It's so creepy!

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Man I hate twilight fan girls and all the around this silly franchise, please no more twilight crap!

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There should be a middle ground somewhere, Alysa, between the crass commercialism we have in this country and the tight-assed ninnyness of the French - except for those in the North, of course. Carnaval looks to be similar to Fasching in Germany. Drink and be merry.

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now you've got me jonesing for some posole. sounds really good, Vivian and looks even better.

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