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November 12, 2009



PLEASE elaborate your opinion about Lady Gaga...I need to know because there is just so much...is she a genius? Is she taking us for a ride? What is true? What is satire?

Your angle would make my life.


I am really not a fan of R&B, but I have always liked Amerie, and I always thought it was a shame she wasn't more popular than some of the people I find to have no personality or quality music, i.e. Keri Hilson.

I guess its also terrible that I had no idea this album was coming out. In any event, thanks for that.


THANK YOU so much for reminding me of the original "Pretty Brown Eyes"!


OMG i was hoping you would write about Amerie. "Higher" has been the one for the past week. I selfishly want you to do another write up of Lady Gaga, so much has changed since you last wrote about her!


It's All Coming Back to Me Now is also my favorite power ballad, and only Celine song I can stomach. Putting Bad Romance in the context of a power ballad, brilliant.


when i read "i've got something to say!" at the beginning of this post, i imagined jerri blank screaming it and waving her arms in the air, about to bestow some wisdom upon me. i really hope that is how it was intended.


I want Amerie to record a remix called, "Why R U (Taking My Budget, Def Jam & Rihanna?!?)"


I had never heard of Alphabeat before this post and now I'm hooked. Thank you!


I like everything I have heard by Leighton Meester so far but I, like, LOVE "Somebody To Love".


Rich = dopeness!!
With that being said, I love Amerie. Her first album All I Have" is a cult classic (well at least in my mind it is). It was the perfect blend of R&B and Soul. Her second album, a drastic departure from her first album, was louder, and waaay more busy than her first, but I didn't hate it b/c it was completely different from what was out at the time. I hope "1 Thing" isn't the standard that she is being held to, b/c that would be a shame (like "Milkshake" being the epitome of Kelis's work.)
I agree with you on Ryan Leslie's frist album. Aside from a few gems, the songs started to sound the same and the lyrical content was bland. I do think that he is very talented and I am anxious to hear his sophmore effort!!! Thanks for the heads up!!

I would love to read your thoughts on BBD's (Bell Biv Devoe) influence on modern R&B. Do you think they are the pioneers of the union of R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop???


Great post! I discovered Electrik Red when you mentioned them and I'M LOVING IT since then. Keep writing about music you like, it seems we have the same taste ;)



Forgot to tell, nice Almodovar banner. I just saw the movie yesterday and recognized the hands :). Kiss

Golden J

I agree with all your comments re: the singles and the Amerie album. And I'll be checking out the Ryan Leslie and Alphabeat discs.

Question: have you heard Rihanna's "Wait Your Turn" - I think it's fairly earth-shattering and should have been her official lead single. It feels like a force of nature, and hey, it's dubstep!

Chaka Kahn

I always pay attention to Amerie and her last album reeeallly disappointed me. I couldn't have disagreed w/ your review more. I thought it was a collection of crappy songs that made 0 sense together; they may as well have been ordered alphabetically.

I'm gonna give you another chance b/c u and I r totes on the same page re: Alicia Keys and La Roux.


Amerie's latest album will be overlooked and it's a shame, especially cuz it has one of the greatest slow jams I've heard in a while. "Red Eye" is a honey of a song. "Fly with meeeeeeee"

ed hardy

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Amerie can't sing. Neither can Rihanna, but two wrongs don't make a right. I will never support her "music."

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