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November 25, 2009



It's nice to see that I'm not the only person who lets their cats eat off their spoon.


Love the lickety sounds!

And, yeah, my cats used to eat off my spoon/fork/plate, but no more as they have a bit of a weight problem and are verbotten from eating people food.


Winston looks like Randy in A Christmas Story after he shows Mrs. Parker how the little piggies eat.

That's right - OINK, OINK.


Hahaha, I cracked up when Winston took his head out of the container. Happy Thanksgiving!


It's good to see another cat who eats zucchini, squash, etc. My cat George steals acorn squash halves off my plate, holds them with one paw, and digs the squash out with the other. And days later we find the rind lurking under a sofa.

Andrea not in Brooklyn, now in Rochester

I was hoping there would be a new Winnie & Rudy Thanksgiving video, and you did not disappoint! I love the reprise of the Thanksgiving Theme.

Happy Thanksgiving, Winston, Rudy and Daddies. You guys RULE!!!


I expected footage of Rudy washing Winston;s face afterward.


Oh, Winston, you ridiculous animal. He looks like a snowman!

Ben Robot

Winston's shown me how to properly eat tomorrow! :D


as much as i love winston, i'm a Team Rudy person. so i was kinda sad to see winston hog all of the yogurt. (it is yogurt, right?)


My cat always senses when Winston is on the computer. He hops up on my lap, sees whatever Winston is doing, and promptly imitates him the next chance he gets.


OGOD, there's yogurt in his stinky face folds now! With this Winston video, the holiday season has officially started.


Just what I needed after a crappy day...a new Winston and Rudy video! Thanks!


love the babies. hate that you're feeding them dairy. that's an upset stomach (x2) waiting to happen.


Have to agree on the amazing licking sounds. Hilarious.

And here's a shout out to one of the best movies
ever and frankly a way of life: Mujeres al borde de un
ataque de nervios. (It's the banner pic)

Happy Thankygives


So awesome, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


I was laughing so hard I freaked my cat out.


Ahhh! I love Win and Rudy! My husband and I looked forward to the Holiday videos (all the posts are appreciated though. I no longer watch ANTM, but I love your weekly recap) and we love the thanksgiving theme song. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Thank you for this Rich! I just watched all three videos while stoned and they were amazing. Happy Thanksgiving!


Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!

trick please

Cuteness! It's nice to see Rudy again but I busted out laughing when Winston pushed his face into the cup.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I just saw you on TV! Happy Thanksgiving!


Rich - I love how you have the Cannibal Holocaust theme music playing- Winston is a pig, I have never seen a cat get that down and dirty in their food!! Love it!


I think that's great that they both love yogurt! My mom's cat used to eat it when she was a baby, but won't touch it anymore. Our cat never would touch anything except pure meat or seafood, even as a kitten.

I'm really sorry, but I seriously think Win is "developmentally delayed." ;)

@miks - not true. Just like people, animals are different - YOUR cat might not tolerate dairy, but perhaps Rudy and Win do just fine. People that feed raw often will feed yogurt (plain/nonfat) for the helpful probiotics and such. Our current dog can eat dairy just fine, while our previous one used to get diarrhea from it. I often supplement her diet with plain yogurt and use cheese as treats.


My stomach hurts even more than it did before thanks to laughing so hard.

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