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November 03, 2009



I'm lost without these recaps. Thanks rich!



I love it, as always.


"Anyone can look stupid doing something they've never done before. The difference is that America's Next Top Model encourages booty tooching while looking stupid doing something you've never done before."

Top Model in a nutshell? y/y?


I love Erin the leprechaun. With her frosty eyebrows and impishness, she reminds me of...
Jack Frost

or this one


I was reading about Lou Jing yesterday, the half-Black, half-Chinese girl currently taking shit from commenters on a Chinese "Idol" show, and couldn't figure out why she looked so... familiar to me. Your recap has reminded me, it's Jen's unfortunate hapa condition!
Lou Jing


Sundai looks 4 feet tall..


Fun recap (as always). Love the gif's. Tyra chews like a cow. America's Next Top Masticator.


I swear, more than anything else, this is turning into the cycle of cheapness. First the "international" destination is in the US? They cut back from five judges to four? They have to get Tyra to photograph them twice? Honestly, I think the only reason they wanted short girls this cycle was so that the could save money by using less clothes and makeup on their short short short SHORT bodies and lesser amounts of surface area.


no reference to the fact that when erin said she didn't know anything about tibet, except it needs to be freed....and then tyra telling her she could have asked tyra about tibet (duh!)...and all tyra could muster was something about the dahli lama, etc, uhm, you know,...just priceless


"It made me tremble inside, but not in the good, penisy way."

I can't wait to use this in a meeting.

Vanessa M

Erin as the Leprechaun ("I wants me pot of gold") could be one of your greatest GIF's evah.

I was prepared to be distressed by the hapa shot but the makeup element didn't distress me (as opposed to the Indian headdresses, etc. straight out of Birth of a Nation.) It made me wonder what I would look like given the chance. I grew up wanting to be Pam Grier after I caught Foxy Brown on the late late show.

That was a real surprise seeing Natalie wasn't it? Could a rapprochement with Adrienne be far behind? Could Tiffany ("We were all ROOTING for you") turn up on Top Models in Action?


I thought Erin's "evil smile" GIF looked very Grinch-y, if the Grinch got his self a bottle of peroxide. Bwah-ha-ha.


I suppose it is a comment on how formulaic the show is that I have not watched in a few seasons and still appreciate the recaps just as much.

Also: why is someone from Botswana called a "batswana"? I'm sure there is an explanation, but it's just seriously odd.


I would think hawaii would be a more expensive place to stay than say... burma. Maybe they're staying in the US because the international community just don't like short models [re: the go-sees in amsterdam].

"If she isn't one of those girls, than you just created the tornado that doesn't exist, Tyra. How's that feel? Easy and breezy, I'm assuming"
Ha! Love it.

I wasn't really bothered by the race-painting stuff until I read:
1) that hapa is a term specific for hawaiian native mixed race people, and shouldn't be thrown around all willy nilly 2) your statement "successful provocation involves taking something that's outright offensive, and brushing right up next to it... while making your pretense of a higher purpose apparent all along the way." Their pretense was to get people talking about the show right? They weren't really celebrating anything
I just found it funny how they admitted to grabbing random artifacts to define which cultures they were using, and that they knew they were stereotyping. I love how the girls had no idea where these places were or what they were really supposed to be representing. Dumb, and not really celebratory... but FIERCE.
But thats all me being the devil's advocate.

Brittany looked really pretty in that first crying picture. And nicole = awesome in the photoshoot.
[If I posted this twice: my internet connection is sketchy, so my bad, sorry]


That little imp Erin smiles just like the Grinch in your first gif. of her. I kept scrolling down expecting to see his smiling face directly beneath hers... the resemblance in uncanny. I would also like to say that I used to be self conscience of my teeth until I got a load of hers. Now I know it could be much worse.


Eh, Hawaii could have been because there's no international market (but why not someplace in Asia?) but it was probably more about the budget. No permanent judge, no Sutan/Christian Marc, Tyra for two photoshoots, even Tyra's wardrobe budget was cut.
As for the photoshoot, I don't know if it was offensive but it was poorly executed from costume to make-up to Tyra's inconsistent photos. One girl is head and shoulders, two girls are full length and the other three are somewhere in-between. Way to be consistent Tyra.
But the biggest WTF, Sundai still not being cut. So she's outlasted Rae and Brittany and that is beyond wrong.
As for Natalie, eh, she's working and not appearing in Playboy so she's got that over Adrianne. Plus, no one has gone off on Tyra like Adrianne so that's another thing in Natalie's favor. She also appeared on the C12 reunion show on the talkshow. Adrianne refuses to go anywhere near the talkshow. Besides, better Natalie than a repeat of a girl who's already gotten the spot before which they've already done this cycle at least twice.


What's with the guest judges this season? I thought they usually got someone who was somehow related to what they had done in the episode, but this cycle, all of the guest judges seem rather random. More budget cuts?


If you want to celebrate diversity, hire diverse models. Anytime you paint faces to characterize or caricature a so-called race, you're being racist. Intent has nothing to do with it. Whites who put on blackface did not consciously think they were being racist. No. They thought they were being funny. Tyra Banks thinks she's being diverse.

All I saw in these models was absurd darkness. How does one look "Mexican" or "Greek" with paint? For that matter, Tyra claimed to be celebrating hoppas--individuals of mixed race. Well, Tyra, most people are mixed race. Indeed, I can't imagine that Tyra Banks, a black woman with light skin and Euro-leaning features, is not mixed race. She may not have one white parent and one black parent, but she is most certainly mixed race.

Tyra Banks made an assumption very similar to those made by old-time racists who donned blackface. Even in focusing on mixture, she assumed that Greek or Mexican or American Indians all look the same and can be reduced to a skin color or phenotype.

Most laughably, she thinks that skin color or race is the same as "culture."

I don't think everyone needs to go to college, but Ms. Banks would have greatly benefited from a little more education. She sorely lacks critical thinking skills.


i was sort of annoyed they didn't change sundai's skin color...


"Yo! As I was shooting you, I felt like I was shooting catalog..."

Because Tyra has been hired to shoot like so many catalogs right? NOT! And because any model under 5'7 is going to shoot anything other than catalog right? NOT! Ah TYTY!@$T@T^


Tyra Banks is a bigoted, ignorant narcissist.

Nothing new under the sun. The stereotypes were predictable. Greek=Swarthy, Mexican=Mestizo, east Indians wear saris, Native Indians wear giant headdresses, Sundai's hapa was Webster/Punkie Brewster, and Nicole appeared to have just came out of a fire or mudbath, but still looked gorgeous.

I'm surprised Erin didn't get put in a monk's robe.


sorry for the brief nerdiness...
@ urban. in bantu languages different prefixes denote the language/place/culture/people. "tswana" is the stem. "BAtswana" is the people. "SETswana" is the language.

in other news, does no one remember that this is not the first incident of blackface on antm? they switched up the girls' races back in season 4 with the "got milk" photoshoot and made them hold babies from other races while they were at it!

in other other news, hilarious as usual. i was lost yesterday without my regularly scheduled recap! thanks for the post!


I thought the race theme was almost as cringeworthy as the homeless model theme. People from India tend to find the term 'East Indian' offensive; to hapa it up with Native American was agonizing!


I heard on the Wendy Williams show last night that Eddie Murphy is on the judging panel for November 18th's episode? Apparently his video-vixen daughter is modeling in the finale show. wtf.


Erin's smile = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4FcHxDBel0

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