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November 03, 2009



Tony's Bitch Track?!? YEEEEESSSS HONEY!!! LOL!! It's times like these that I'm so glad to be from Baltimore.


You know, reading and listening to Tyra's hurricane tyraism is the first time I've actively tried to decipher her nonsense and MY BRAIN IS COMING OUT OF MY NOSE. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TRYING TO SAY?


I feel like when it comes to borderline racist behavior, like say appearing or promoting black face for instance, intention is integral to determining culpability. Do I believe that Tyra purposely placed her models in a position that could be considered racist as a ploy for ratings and a cry for attention. Uh, duh. That's why I feel the best thing to do it reiterate that no matter how trendy my straight pubes or big brown lips are, blackface (or its cousins brown and yellow face) is off limits and ignore the Tyra aspect all together. Seriously, she's the worst.

Jason LeRoy

As the GapKids marketing copywriter, I can confirm that GK does not actually have a catalog. Also, I'd like to think we wouldn't cast a short model, make her pose with a giant stick nearly twice her height, and then criticize her for "photographing short."


I could watch that gif of Jennifer all day.
Also, I was a little weirded out that Sundai didn't have to get painted. But seriously, how tacky was that anyway? How is just painting some one's face a celebration, when, like it's been said before, many of these girls didn't know crap about the races they were representing. Wouldn't actually learning something about Hawaiian culture and history be much better? Then there might actually be something for them to reference when asked to place themselves into that role? They always tell girls they're thinking too much during shots, but looks like this is one time where actually thinking about the shoot could have helped.



Also, I forgot to say, any time I read "Yo!" on this blog I am instantly reminded of a gif of whats-her-face from whats-that-season. I'm at page 9 on ANTM posts and I didn't see her or yo! in the title so I give up


Mel K

Raven? Penisy? Both had me laughing my face off. :)

Miss Lisa

Creating a fashion spread celebrating racial backgrounds (whatever that entails) by spreading on the dark pancake make-up and wearing traditional garb just grosses me out in ways I can't even articulate.

It's like when Rainn Wilson was telling Juno to "Chillax, home skillet," or whatever the hell he was saying in that scene. Oh, well. Maybe I should try and chillax.


Henry evil, your comment made me LOL


omg I laughed so hard it hurt: Erin's leprechaun pic, and the Sundai is Tina Turner bit. Rich I love you!


Victoria, "Yo!" was sweet little Analeigh. I still sing Puff the Magic Dragon when someone mentions her. Thanks Rich.

Loved Sundai's crazed look and fish sticks always crack me up. But I have Cartman to thank for that.


no comment or gif of the shirtless beefcake stylist?


What amazed me was that the black face stuff was supposedly a tribute to the President?!


i cannot stop listening to "the sun is fryin' me like a little piglet in a skillet!". I wish I had been Laura for halloween. Grama Wanda Sue could have made me my costume. And my hair could have been a poodle.


My eyes hurt after watching this episode...and it wasn't from smizing.

Thanks for the great recap, Rich! Erin as an evil leprechaun is so spot on.


"I thought the race theme was almost as cringeworthy as the homeless model theme."

agreed. I don't understand why Tyra feels like modeling has to be about a cause all the time. I thought modeling was supposed to be about fashion. Maybe I'm mistaken, after all Tyra is all-powerful and all-knowing.


What was up with Erin being all pissed about her prize? Cause going on a helicopter ride over Hawaii isnt cool...whatever Erin you brat!

Anyway thanks for the recap hilarious as usual, I've even got my mom reading it


OMG it's Laura's birthday! Please do some CRAZY screenshots with birthday hats and a cake in them! :D

I feel like this is your dream come true.
For it to be Laura's birthday, of ALL people to have their birthday on this show, for it to be LAURA!



PS. did you not notice how Britney looked just like Cher in her "Half Breed" music video? hahha.


I didn't find this episode as offensive as I did dull. It's a sad testament to ANTM that I forgot about Rich's recap until a full week after this episode happened. Usually I can't wait for Mondays to roll around to get his take on things, but this cycle has been so unbelievably dull that I have forgotten the best thing about ANTM is Rich's writing. Oh, and I miss me some Sutan something FIERCE!

Good job, Rich.


Is no one remembering cycle 4? Didn't we already walk down this dangerous path of making up the girls as different races? Doesn't anyone else remember the "Got Milk" photo shoot with the toddlers & everyone's fear of Michelle giving the kids her scabies? Oh well. I still love Laura & Nicole. They are too fun & harmless. So, Tyra will probably crush their dreams soon. God, I love this show.....and your recaps as always Rich! You rock!


You should come to Holland! It's right about that time when EVERYONE it seems starts painting their faces black because of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (saint nick and black peter.. yeah his 'helper' not a slave... riiiiiiiight).

I'm an American living here so this is normal to most people. All I see is racism. They claim the faces are black from chimneys but they don't explain the big fat lips coming from chimneys.. hmmm

Well this is my 8th year of living thru this shit but yeah, still annoyed. And I'm white. Imagine how the black population here feels about it!


This has made me a better person than I am today,


Wah wah, wah. "Iiiiiit's offeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeensssiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeeeeee, wahhhhhhhhhhhh! IIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT'SSSSSSSSS RAAAAAAAAACISSSSSSSSSSSSST, WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

God, no wonder nobody takes YOU PEOPLE seriously anymore. Blackface is something entirely different. The girls looked beautiful. That's all that matters. YOU PEOPLE constantly playing the victim card and acting like you're SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT is pitiful. Maybe if YOU PEOPLE were actually educated, then YOU PEOPLE actually know what the fuck racism and blackface really are. YOU PEOPLE just want to act as if you're superior. YOU PEOPLE don't want equality, YOU PEOPLE want to be better, want to be exempt, want to be SPECIAL.

God. Hitler should've taken you ethnics out, bunch of whiny fucks.

Monica C.

I love the behind the scenes gossip I get when I read the comments.

I fast forwarded through all of the scenes in the house with the hazmat crew. I'm also starting to fast forward through all of the judges' deliberations. I just want to see the photo shoots and find out who was cut, not watch Tyra try to recreate the Carol Burnett show with all of her corny hijinks.

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