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Great post, Rich! Best in a while actually :)


JOHN LEGEND, JAMIE FOXX, AND ANTHONY HAMILTON??? Really journalists... *side eye*


Awesome post. I hate it when newspapers do that, and I always figure it's 'cause they're a bunch of old people who know nothing about current pop culture.

I'd also like to add that Mary J. Blige rapped on Busta Rhymes' "Touch It Remix".

Great very true but I agree with someone else even black folks make the same mistakes.

A Big Butt and a Smile


Well...we all know if their black and male their like one of (if not all) three things:

1. An ex-con
2. A Baby Daddy
3. A rapper

I can understand how the mistake is made.

*rolls eyes*

A Big Butt and a Smile


Estelle is a rapper and anyone who had heard of her pre-American Boy would know her as a staple of the UK Hip Hop scene but nice post.

Here she is, rapping:


EXCELLENT POST. I've seen this so many times in various articles across the media. I thought it was isolated, sad to see that it isn't.

To me, there's an implicit negative connotation in mainstream white culture with the term "rapper." That's because for so many years the word "gangster" preceded it. Labeling perfectly safe, harmless R&B singers like Sisqo, Ne-Yo and Usher really raises eyebrows because if you've even heard one of their songs you would know they're not rappers. And to repeatedly make the mistake? Come on.


Rich, this is yet another reason why you're a friend in my head. Nicole Ritchie is part-rapper too. yeah.. lol


I love this. But I have to disagree with Estelle.


You've forgotten the oh-so-prevalent, yet descriptive of nearly no one, title RAP-SINGER, popularized by Fox News.


I'm 22 years old and I really don't know the subtler differences between rap and hip hop, nor do I know which artist falls into which category. I guess I'm pretty dumb. But then again I don't write music features.


Most of these people have worked with rappers and have hip-hop influences in their songs. Akon sings, but it's pretty much just melodic rap. He worked with Styles P, Jeezy, etc. One of Usher's singles had Lil' Jon on it. Believe or not, most musical genres don't intertwine like these two do. It also doesn't help that these two types of music promote the same image and share the same fan base.

Do you really expect people outside of these genres to differentiate so efficiently? No one would ever mistake talented instrumentalists like Victor Wooten or Stevie for rappers.

They also call bands like Korn and Disturbed metal when they're derivatives of punk. Same image. Different music.

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Great article, especially interesting is the upsurge in google seaches for "chris brown rapper" after he beat rihanna. because being a rapper somehow fits more with being a domestic abuser.

but if we're all about fact checking here... Estelle did release an album that was primarily rap with some sangin' sprinkled on top. So, she actually is a rapper (albeit a lapsed one)

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