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i wanna read the article is the same tag link for Winston posts on here. :(


That's not the interview!


Maybe go to PEOPLEPets and find it?


My kitten loves to lay her head over the hard disk on my laptop just like Rudy! Unfortunately she's not as characteristic as Winston, but the next cat I'm determined to be a crazy-looking male Maine Coon.


Winstons definatley giving modeling H to T (head to tail) in that second shot.

in fact, i think rudy and winston should have a runway competition.


I made a Winston wallpaper the other day:

I felt like a weirdo while compiling the photos for it, but I think it turned out nicely.


Can you please orchestrate American's Next Top Housecat? (Or the Real Housecats of Orange County, whatever). I could waste so much time at work watching that and cheering Winston on.


I love how Winston is giving Barbie toe in the second pic after the cut!




I love when Winston is presented as a potentially suspect alien being. It makes me laugh.


Great interview and I like that you stick up for Rudy too...he sure IS handsome. As always, love freshly bathed Winston pics.


I'm really enjoying the recent regular Win posts. Thanks, Rich! Weekly stories and updates are juuust about right!


i understand weirdo-love, but i, for one, am on team rudy! <3


winston is utterly fascinating, but rudy just makes my heart melt. they're too cute! (sigh) :)


Winston and Rudy are one of the four things holding me back from getting a cat of my own: I know that no cat I could find would live up to the expectations they've set.


Winston kinda looks like Michael Kors, but before the oompa loompa spray tan.


In the very first and the very last photos, Winston is SO doing the Wendy Williams "How YOU doin'???" face... I take it that you're fans...


I love, love, love that next-to-last picture!


i adopted exotic shorthair too, thanks to winston exposure from fourfour, and i feel exactly the same -- he's like an alien creature that lives in my home! i adore him and yet sometimes think he's the ugliest thing i've ever seen. no matter what, he makes me laugh and my heart swell every day. <3


That video is hilarious. I grew up with abnormal cats--now I have abnormal dogs!


Winston makes me crack up, but I can't get over what a handsome boy Rudy is. And he uses Winston's butt as a pillow! I approve wholeheartedly, if I were to sleep next to Winston I'd use him as a pillow too.


winston looks like his feet smell like cornchips! LOL, my cats have that smell does anyone else have this issue?


not only is winston cute, he looks like he smells stanky alllllll the time!


Rudy is so cute in the last two pics :) Winston is probably only the ugly/cute/uglute pet on the planet :)

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