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November 24, 2009


Ender Wiggin



I am getting completely fed up with this show, but I will ALWAYS love the recaps! Even better than the actual show! Thanks!


This is actually the first cycle where I've found myself rooting for both finalists (although I do think Nicole makes a better model). I was happy to learn that Laura won Fan Favorite on the Tyra show, and actually got a great prize: 6 months paid rent in a luxury apartment building in NYC!!! Good for you, Laura----you won't have to confront parking meters here, either!


Ohmigosh, was I the first poster? Wow, do I win teh internets?

What made Laura's loss more poignant was the fact that she seemed like the "type" of girl who would win ANTM, i.e. she had "personality", whereas BE was criticised for her lack thereof. And BE hardly cried at all!!! So I think Laura really expected that she would win.

I think Tyrant knew that Laura anticipated a win, and didn't give the title to Laura just so that she could savour the sweet, sweet taste of Laura's crushing disappointment, which she first generated and then entrapped using a device à là Ghostbusters to use later in her rejuvenating beauty treatments, à là Countess Bathory.

By the way, I've been reading stuff about Tyrant, and I saw an interview with her on Nightline, and sheesh! but that woman is getting creepier and creepier.

I think there is a seriously large nervous breakdown in the cards for her, probably when her shows are no longer popular (give it 5 years) and her black starts to crack (i.e. she gets old beyond the repair of plastic surgery).

I will savour any public display of total insanity that Tyrant reveals (more than the present) to an equal extent or perhaps to an amount exceeding my enjoyment of these recaps. Can't wait!!!! Glee!


Udon came out of my nose. You made me laugh a noodle outta my nose...


Tyra would need to be self-aware to have some sort of mental breakdown. Anyway, the right girl won and yes, she's taller than Eva. Congrats to Laura too for her six months rent in NYC. Wilhelmina has already moved faster than Elite. Thursday they met with Nicole and sent her to a Garnier Fructis casting. As of yesterday, she's up on their site with lovely new test shots. This season was actually not bad (okay, Sundai and Jennifer got too far). I think Gilles Bensimon sucked up the budget this cycle. I won't even pick on Nicole for her runway walk since nobody from C13 is getting near a runway even if all the agencies lie about their measurements. Thanks Rich for recapping and hopefully we'll see you for C14.


Good lordy, I will miss these recaps. 'Til next time, Rich.


"...Something like the aftermath of being female-ejaculated on by Lisa Frank."


best/worst reference ever.


A There Will Be Blood reference. Awesome.




Vanessa M

I have to say I got choked up over Laura's loss. She took it really hard, poor baby. There was a girl in C2, she was Iranian I think and had hid her whole presence on the show from her traditional family. Sarah was her name maybe? When they let her go, her anguish was painful.

Speaking of C2, I believe it was Camille who first latched onto a signature walk and it was she who inspired Bre. Yes, it's ridiculous I know any of that.

Best top two in some time tho, eh? In a similiar vein, Teyonna=displaces Saleisha easily as worst winner ever.


"Now I know how Celie felt when Nettie returned!"

bwahh ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Now I can fully picture Mister with shoulder boobs in peace. Gracias.

Bianca James

I felt the need to share this quote from Laura's blog:

"Kirkpatrick was in North Carolina to model outfits made by her grandmother, Sue Kirkpatrick of Stanford, for a photo shoot with an uncle."

I love how this was phrased to make it sound like she has actual modeling work.

Miss Lisa

Well, that's just dandy. Thanks, Rich. I forgot to watch the finale (again). Something tells me I'm not as "involved" in this show as I used to be, just like the judges. Glad Nicole won. She deserves the fabulous prizes. Laura--you're such a sweetheart. You won our hearts.



@Bianca James - Laura has a blog? Someone please share the link!

Rich, hilarious recap. I'll echo the poster above: "Now I know how Celie felt when Nettie returned!" = best line of the season.
Thank you for another "cycle" of joy (wow that sounds like a PMS reference...)


In her Cover Girl ad, Nicole looks oddly like Jamie Luner from Just the Ten of Us / Savannah / Melrose Place / All My Children / etc. etc.


I repeat: Jay stole Bianca's elimination shirt.


great recap Rich. but first can you maybe hoist up the shirt a little, and take off the earrings... thats more blogging h 2 t. This was a predictable cycle, but had some of the prettiest girls in quite a few seasons. some didn't give enough neck, i don't think i saw one broken down doll (a toe doesn't count, though a broken toe does), and the disabled girl got shafted once again, it's her time.
Your round the clock coverage of 13 young women locked in a mansion with one m&m is always fun and funner, it's serisouly 50% of the show's enjoyment. thanks again rich!!


Laura makes Tyra seem likable with this post: http://www.laurasmodellife.com/?p=134
(This entire blog is written by Laura, with all of her dyslexic and country sweetness). :)

I was pretty entertained by the look she gave the girls after the runway challenge though, when they were gushing about how excited they were. It felt like they were so beneath her, since she's like the second coming of the Lord or some shit. That, or it was just hard for her to believably act like Nicole's walk was good.

And I usually always hope that the girls will get over their modeling dreams and move on since, well, they won't have much success. I really want Laura to get somewhere with this though. She's really incredibly cute, just sayin.


Thanks for the good times, Rich. I have to say, I think Nicole is the best girl Ty-Ty's picked in forever.

I hope she can make something of her 15 minutes...Laura, too.


Anne Shirley would have been in heaven over Miss J's puffed sleeves.


AND! take note, first redheaded winner EVER! thank you Tyra, just as I finished bitching about how it was necessary to have a whole cycle of unsaleable short girls when there has NEVER been a single genuine ginger contestant (although Nicole had some daywalker blood) as a proud Ginger, Thank you - finally - Thank you


"Something like the aftermath of being female-ejaculated on by Lisa Frank."


See you next cycle!!


I love that you love The Color Purple.


Haha, "upholstered in the skin of a child beauty pageant queen?" That's a particularly disturbing comparison Rich... What a fantastic end to a decent cycle! Thanks!

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