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THAT was a great, great recap Rich!!! Appreciate it, lots. You've made me wanna watch it, now.



@soulbrotha I wasnt aware that A.L. was mad about 'looking too gay' i thought it was his 'team'...??? Clarification please.


Hilarious as always, Rich. I might've watched this mess had it featured wall-to-wall Whitney, but apparently, all we got was a little taste of heaven.

Oh, and RIP Nicole's face. :(


Numbers don't lie, particularly about the bad taste of the general public. And this is celebrated. For shame.

Also: Nicole's heavily accented upper lip and horsey-looking mouth is due to her numerous collagen injections and super-fake veneers. That girl's face is so full of fillers I'm surprised it doesn't explode at altitude. LAY OFF THE HUMAN FAT INJECTIONS NICK!


Eh, Taylor's always struck me as being completely genuine. I still despise her music for always playing on my country stations and for the shitty song writing and shallow vocals, making me miss a young LeAnn Rhimes who annoyed me at that age, but really had a voice god dammmit, and I think she's insanely over praised, but I think she's genuine enough.

dirty blonde

Am I the only one who noticed that Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" sounds like every Ace Of Base single rolled into one song?


Ugh, soulbrotha, that's not how it went down at all...


Thank god for your free time! I also noticed how Miss Houston tried to make her obelisk cum. Great eyes watch alike!!!


I was hoping you were going to blog this. Funny thing was I was a seat filler at the show and it was crazy. Anyways good blog. Gaga should of won Artist of the Year.

Jess (different Jess from above)

I'm also tired of people making excuses for Taylor Swift because of her age. She's 19, not 10!

"Madonna has already tongued Brittany."

Yes, and that little bit of titillation has so much relevance to depictions of male homosexuality.


I prefer to call her "Rihanna-Tron". It just rolls off the tongue a little more smoothly.


Thanks Rich, awesome recap, as usual. Just the right amount of pissiness for the most vapid awards show ever!! That's quite a level of vapidity, I'm sure Jay-Z et al are proud


In "Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z sounds like he's throwing up at the end of his bar: his "yeah" is no different. Thanks for recognizing!!

Great post.


that Gaga gif is so fantastical.


My fave thing about the Lambert gif is the dancer perched in the background, eagerly awaiting his queue to carefully slide down the railing.


Taylor Swift winning was only out of sheer pity for what's-his-nuts did to her at the VMAs. Pathetic.

Wait! I thought Tyra was Jesus?


I'm so happy you watched this tripe so I don't have to! Awesome recap.


i tuned in just for whit, and was not let down. wasn't let down here either! rich, your recaps are so the bomb! loved the "oprahing" ref as well! you know tyra is crowing because oprah has announced her end! lord have mercy on us.


Thank you for the recap. I watched the AMAs with some friends. It was the first time in MANY years. Getting older helps me to appreciate singers who are actually talented. I came of age at the dawn of the MTV boom. Some videos are great and bring about a better understanding to a song. But what I've seen happen in the last 25 years is most singers don't know how to relate to a live audience. They're so used to mugging to a camera. In my opinion, most of the performances were like watching wood rot. The only ones that had any soul were Kelly Clarkson, Eminem and Green Day. I'm a fan of neither, but I felt energy and emotion when they were performing. Janet Jackson needs to hand over the reigns to younger talentless pop tarts. It's always been obvious she can't sing well. And as she gets older, it becomes even more apparent. I think she should step away and focus on finding depth in her acting.


Taylor Swift has a totally unappealing singing voice, it's just so - blah... she should be paying Kanye a publicist's commission for all these AMA's.

And was I the only person to notice Adam Lambert trip up the stairs, almost bite it and do an awkward roll to grab the cane after the simulated fellacio and before the kissing? I laughed out loud, then rewound it and laughed again.
I liked him on AI but that song is not good and the performance which they kept building up as 'shocking' just seemed desperate.


@Faith, doesn't the "team" work for Lambert and not vice versa? So when he doesn't correct his "team" or clarify that his "team's" actions were not acceptable to him, then that means that both he and the "team" are in agreement. As a matter of fact, his explanation was: "I didn’t want to jump onto a gay magazine as my first thing, because I feel like that’s putting myself in a box and limiting myself." But I guess kissing men and simulating oral sex on stage is performance art, huh? Riiight.

@Jess, his publicist didn't want him on e the cover because he thought it was "too gay." Adam, amidst all this controversy, has yet to disagree with that sentiment (see above quote). So what is one to conclude about where he stands?

Steampunk Willie

That second Taylor Swift gif brings me so much joy. The black leather jacket guy with the horrible hair barely able to give a real shit for more than 2 seconds. Super happy Tom Collicio in the top left corner. Those two guys hugging in the top right corner, as though Taylor Swift winning a 500th award is the best thing to ever happen to them. And of course, her extremely bad acting.


"Hey, anybody need some teeth or lipliner?"


& that Gaga gif was great.

Aces as always...


Taylor Swift exposed by a real music writer. FINALLY. I love you Rich.


God, she still sweats. I thought it was just the coke...

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