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November 16, 2009





I'm really going to miss the flailing Laura gifs once this is all over. And I have yet to see The FAntastic Mr. Fox. :(


Rich, were you high on cold medicine this recap? You were extra hilarious.


There was an awful lot of blowjob face in this episode.

Passing Shot

"Bitchflower", "inuit/flower hapa," "my flower takes it up the stem" -- my co-workers are looking at me in puzzlement as I wipe tears from my eyes.

Pure genius. Thanks Rich.

Angelina Jolie Is Evil

Best Top Two EVER!!!


LMAO. I'm just glad Laura's kept up the funny all cycle. I'm proud of my baby gurl!


Oh Nicole. She sells awkward like it's her own trademarked brand. Blaahhhhhhhhh. I miss Erin already.

If Laura wins, I really hope they reinstate My Life as a Covergirl. Laura getting ridiculously excited over marginal success is the only good thing that can come out of this cycle at this point.


"The Satan inside Erin." I love Erin, and still think this is hilarious.


i have a disabled flower like nicole, dancing is not my thing.

love the recap


Great recap, as always, Rich! I just spotted Rae on the cover of Rochester Magazine in Rochester, MN:


hannah - speaking of the MLaaCG - does anyone know why Tyron (I mean Teyona) didn't have to do those - I mean did she do ANYTHING for HER $100,000 (contract).

Seriously WTH - all the other girls had to - um - Earn their money.

Another crappy inconsistent judging. Mr. Jay seemed to think that Nicole had one of the best shoots ever and THAT was the picture Tyra picked.
And Erin rocked her pic and got tons of praise - Erin you rock FABULOUS picture, you are the best - buh-bye??

I like Laura and wanted her and Nicole and Erin in top 3 but still I think Erin kind of got shafted (or stemmed?).

Nicole is so awkward - I don't remember how she did at go sees - I hope she can actually do well not just in her pics.

BUT I am so glad that despite the edit for Jennifer, that she finally is out. She seems nice enough, but I don't like her as a model.

So was the early cut a cost saving measure?


I feel strangely compelled to watch (and watch and watch) this show, even though it leaves me furious. Reading a recap soothes me. It reminds me that I am not the mythical Cassandra, calling bullshit and noticing how wrong stuff is when no one else does.

BTW, I hate Laura and as evil as Erin is, she's the better model.


Tyra mixed up 2 different jen-isms this episode! During the photoshoot jen asked if she could scream, during panel jen said sh got so nervous she couldn't breathe
Get it straight tyra or everyone is going to look at you like you're weird!

And how about that tyramail "Is the pressure making you feel like you want to explode? Not so fast... timing is everything.
Love tyra."

I think they purposely chose a bad picture for nicole to give some suspense if she'd make it to the final 2... I guess. I love that 4 second shot of her just awkwardly humping the air between her and jen.

Erins dialect was really prominent in this episode. Purplee!!

Saint Austintine

I love Nicole, but I kind of hope she doesn't win. That way she can become a model by her own devices and not have it given to her. She should be the next Elyse Sewell (Cycle 1).


Anyone noticed that Jen simply couldn't keep her mouth shut (seems like a trend of every Asian girl they featured)? Every single picture! If that is not the ultimate BJ face, I don't know what is ...


Nicole's final photo (yellow dress) was horribly photoshopped! Put it on photoshop disaster's site.

Look at her arm. The elbow should reach way lower than that. Her hand is almost as long as her forearm.

They dwarfed her arm and her feet as well.


I'm surprised we didn't get a .gif of Erin smashing her head on the lights, even though an assistant walked right in the way. OH, and it seems Tyra is no longer hosting the show, but a twin named Tara. I'm sure i've heard it twice in the show.


What is Huckle Buckle Beanstalk?


Your critique of Laura's photo made me spit out my root beer. "Quarking." It works because it's a combination of words, and because Laura's expression is about as spacey as the edge of the universe.


Nicole & Laura in the top 2 has been what I wanted most - and I actually got it! Agreed, Nicole FTW, she deserves it.


She's still the ptosis with the mostest to me. i agree on bumpkin picture. ann shoket is the true satan on show, she bugs me so much. great write up.

Guy Deluk

Short yet delicious, thank you! Nicole FTW: agree.




Red is going to win. I'm wondering if they will get competitive with each other since they're the 2 "nice" girls.

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