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I suppose I should realize that just because we saw the girls posing one way, that does not mean we will see those shots at panel. So disappointed they went with the demure shot of Nicole. Maybe it was the only way they could justify putting Laura in the finale over Erin? Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad to see the imp go, but Laura's photo was not all that. Still... my fave 2 made the finale and that's a first ever!!!


I actually like Nicole's photo because her dress is this one eye-catching colourblock with the lovely contrast of her hair. Her introverted pose makes it all the more... colourblock-y.


Is that J. Alexander getup (DAMN he's a vision of masculinity!!) inspired by Michael Jackson's "This Is It" Dynasty Shoulders Of Doom blouse? Methinks!


OMG, we have a local drag queen legend named Bitch Flowers - swear to God!


LOVING the 'Can't Buy Me Love' reference!

Seth Green/Chuckie: "Now THAT ain't Dick Clark!" Genius, as usual.


Laura in the possum daze made me bwah so hard I scared my dog. Then that made me laugh. So thanks for that double dose of ANTM related joy this morning!


Pretty impressed how Laura stayed so upbeat thru this whole process and broke down only once. Made her seem that much more real--well realty world real anyway. can't help but wonder if she's cried in the past & if they just never showed it.
on another note- uh- double elimination?? can anyone say "low ratings"? obviously they just could not afford to have a 2 hour finale.

Easter Buffy

Even more than a final two that I actually agree with and would be happy if either won this cycle, I am gleeful that the recession has seen the end of the recap episode.

I'm sure Teyona got her paycheck, but it is cheaper for Covergirl to just pay her and her alone, than invest in those stupid faux commercials.

Great blogging again, Rich. Gonna miss it over the cold, hard, winter.


Rich, Did you see that Erin's mommy wrote to the recapper for TWOP, yelling at her for being mean to her baby? LOL


Wow... That Anna-Rita woman is in my Turbo Jam workout videos lol. Never thought I'd see anyone from one of thsoe on ANTM heh


Good recap. but where did all the LauraLove go?


I too, will miss Erin's inner Satan. Still hoping we'll get to see Renée in the final somehow.

De Ado

Rich - you are the best! Winston second! ;P

Hey thought you might like this re: Whitney Thompson...

Whitney Thompson Launches Supermodel Line of Candles & Jewelry


Urghh, I dont think it's a flattering picture of Nicole at all but I also don't think it's photoshopped. Why the hell do everyone suddenly think everything is photoshopped?


This was definitely one of your best ever recaps.

obviously Nicole FTW because not only did I call it from the very beginning, she could have made it on a regular cycle as the 'short' girl...being 5'7 and all.


Best top two in many a cycle, no? I second the nomination that Laura would make fabulous CoverGirl ads and sound genuinely excited-most of the girls sound like they've been shot in the ass with thorazine. WTF, what do they do with the winners anyways?

That wall of Nicole hulas may be one of your greatest gif triumphs.


poor jen.


De Ado, I checked out that article about Whitney's candles & jewelry. I quote:

So, what about the name, Supermodel?

"I've tried to make my collection real. It's stuff that I love and I would wear and I'm a supermodel so I was thinking, 'Hey! Supermodel.' It's easy."


Rich! Brilliance as always.

And I just noticed - Doesn't Mr. Jay so look like the black male (ish) version of Laura?


dude sweet. never commented before but your blog rocks my world man. thanks (or curses?) to you there is a reason to watch antm.

make more 'inside the reality studio' episodes!

CC Riot

i love you, laura, but seriously, it looks like your mouth is coated in herpes medication. and i don't mean that in a good way.

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