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November 05, 2009



The significant amount of pause around "Saving Private Ryan" made me lol.

I was watching Some Like It Hot recently and thought it was awkward the way they said the name of the movie in the film. Whether or not the film had already chosen its title by the time that scene was shot, it seemed on the nose.

Vanessa M

I can't hear that Simple Minds' refrain ever without getting choked up just a little.

Golden J

so this is going to sound weird, but my friend has this theory that in (nearly) every movie with Drew Barrymore, a character says something about how hot/beautiful she is. As if saying it enough will make it come true. Sort of like the do with Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight.

So if you're bored, I think you should find all these clips and put them together in one awesome video. :-)


Why no love for TLI, Rich? Also, while I get that you and Gabe are busy guys, I figure the next "Rich & Gabe Watch (...)" video is long overdue. Since he has an aversion to scary movies, why not tie him down, prop open his eyelids with toothpicks, and have a good old-fashioned horror marathon?

And Vanessa, I know what you mean, and it's been - god - 25 years since I saw Breakfast Club. Wait, that can't be right...twenty-five YEARS? *dies of old age*.


What's really sad is I still haven't gotten around to making fanart for Ponyo referencing "I'm on a Boat". I need to get my ass in gear.


That just made my lunch hour!


I want to see a similar compilation of horror movies that have theme songs that are essentially a "metal" song that says the title a whole lot.

Vanessa M

Spazmo I saw Breakfast Club when it came out in the theatre when I was in high school. Freaking high school. Now Molly Ringwald plays a mother on some show on a channel I don't watch, Ally Sheedy has anorexia and Judd Nelson is--actually I have no idea where he is but I thought he was SO hot for 5 minutes back then.


The second I saw it, I just knew which clip was yours. Because of you, Sharon Stone now gives me the warm fuzzies.


Re: the Ponyo video...tears came out of my eyes at "flippy floppies"


reminds me of the "titular line guy" from Upright Citizen's Brigade (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8ViTp9uur8).

"Boy, I'm just so tired of all these star wars."


that ponyo video is pretty much the best shit ive ever seen

also, every time you mention ontd it makes me feel like ive probably fought with you in a mariah carey post at some point hahahaha


"but my friend has this theory that in (nearly) every movie with Drew Barrymore, a character says something about how hot/beautiful she is. As if saying it enough will make it come true."


winnie Lovah

Hi, Rich. My friend and I are coming to NYC today and we wanna come by and meet you & Winnie. Be warned - if we see you on the street we'll totally squeal like teenyboppers at a boy band concert. :)
P.S. We're seriously not crazy stalker bitches - we just looooove us some Winnie,


Was it me or did that Movie Title video refuse to buffer when paused? Very annoying.


I'm glad for the supercut of characters saying the movie's title in the movie. I love to hate that. It like reminds me I'm definitely watching a movie and it's like the writers are elbowing you in the ribs going "eh eh!" Blerg. I'm baked.


Loved Gabe's video but how could he leave out Bill Pullman's "today is our Independence Day" speech from Independence Day? Everytime I hear that speech I laugh and laugh.

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What a lot of love you've written into this remembrance of your abuelita . . . how wonderful to have had her as a central character in your life for so long! I wish everyone had an abuelita like yours . . .

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Beautiful piece, as lovely as she was. Great tribute on what would have been her birthday.

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Too often journalism is nothing more than a yammering of suppositions, innuendo and rumor mongering. Kudos to you for doubting yourself and checking further.

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Thank you for this. I trust various internet sources, including reporters like you who post at OS, more than I do mainstream media to report an accurate picture of what is happening with this movement. Rated.

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What an inspiring life story. Congratulations on making your dream come true.

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