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I agree with RF. My first thought was, "Petite? Isn't she the same height as Eva?" (And Kate Moss, come to think of it?)


considering those who've won in the past that shouldn't have, i'm all for rooting for my fave - LAURA! nicole definitely outdid her in photos, but laura's got much more of a likeable personality and looks more like a covergirl. thought her commercial and runway walk were better than nicole's. you never can tell with those judges... the only consolation is that because of this laura might just find another kind of ticket out of her country town. i'm not worried about her finding a job now.


Hey all, did you guys know that Nicole is awkward? And short?
[I thought she might lose because she was built up so much, ANTM does shock people for the hell of it]

Also I am glad to see the last of windface. Does teyona just hide behind trees just to pop out every once in a while, and scare people into thinking they’re seeing an alien?
Maybe she’s hiding behind the oak in my backyard (and I can ask her for an autograph and get on tv!).
Jays GREEN JACKET. Tyrone's one-on-one interviews were just promotions for her talk show, right? Ugly-ass runway clothes.

Sorry if my comments don’t make sense. When dyslexic people are frustrated, It just makes it worse.
I’m afraid my emotions are milkshake right now.


Can we just talk about the evolution of ANTM's final fashion shows please? They've gone gonzo! Starting with the endless miles long and high runway (I think 2 cycles ago when McKey won) and the girls had to run UP a hill (nothing makes a ballgown more dainty then bulging thighs and a sweaty brow) then last season's grotesque oil fest with Teyona actually pulling her hair off and splattering the crowd with it. Now a 3 parter with Rain! Glitter! Veils! For someone who's been in so many Tyrant seems to have utterly forgotten what a real fashion show looks like.....

Guy Deluk

I don't think Eddie should have won, he's so commercial - his girl seemed to want it more and surely is more high fashion...

Guy Deluk

:) Also, I'm glad you recap yet another cycle - will there be other cycles? Has anyone heard about any contract? Waiting for the Plus-Size Cycle, because Tyra is obviously planning on something like that...


As much as I thought Laura is endearing and cute, imho Nicole is the better model. Excluding the first (where the call out order is random) and the last episode (the finale,) Nicole was called first or second seven out of ten times. She also won the go-see challenge and performed as well as or better than (opinion, I know) Laura on both cover girl commercials. I would agree that her walk was somewhat bizarre, but a) these shorties won't get much runway work and b) even if they do, Nicole's history of really working hard at those things upon which she needs to improve would indicate that she will master a better walk if she needs to. Also, she is almost unflappable, even when she is screwing up, which is something that would actually stand her in good stead in the real world of modeling. I would have been happy no matter which girl one (first time ever) and was sad when Laura lost, but I think that ANTM really did pick the best all around model this time around, and I was pretty much rooting for Bloody Eyeball all the way.


um....which girl WON, that should be.


Please talk about Nicole's final runway and judging dress--the "Pretty In Pink" redux catastrophe


Chili Sundai and Roger were the best part of the cycle by far.


Don't forget to mention "sussessful", Rich!


One of my favorite parts about the finale was the part where Tyra goes, "NICOLE WE'RE GOING TO DO A PHOTOSHOOT RIGHT NOW YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO CHANGE OR WASH THAT AWFUL GLITTER OFF YOUR FACE GO GO GO! brb gotta go change my dress so it shows off my 12 pounds of cleavage and crimp my hair."


Nicole said in an interview that they didn't have shoes her size and they finally had to tape shoes on her feet to send her down the runway. Wonder if that was part of the stomp problem.

24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!

"Little baby cats" needs to be my ringtone, so hurry up!


During the finale, I wondered which girl might show up at your flat, Rich. :) I like them both and am very glad Nicole won. Laura should do ok, too. As bad as she wants it, she'll find a way. She's strikes me as fearless and gutsy and all heart. These two were the only finale girls I've actually like on this P.O.S. show (unless Heather was in a finale but I don't think so...this show is not memorable, lol).


Maybe Eddie showed up because he's the one singing that horrible model go home song that I've had in my head all cycle.


I have 2 complaints about the finale:

1 is for my cable company. DIE BRIGHTHOUSE NETWORKS. DIE. Your new DVR system clicked over the CW JUST in time for me to hear Tyra say, "you just saw Nicole win ANTM!" before I watched the episode. Arghhhh.

and 2: evil evil editors. I don't buy for one second that Nicole didn't bad mouth Laura at all; while Laura bad mouthed Nicole repeatedly. I'd like to see a more even edit please. You just know they were both told to trash talk and then the winner's was redacted. :p

(Can't wait for the recap.) Also, I'd very much like to know what became of Roger.


The only thing that got me, besides "Sussesful" was when Miss Jay said "They would love Nicole in Milan-But America would love Lauren." I was confused, briefly. I pegged Nicole ftw out the gate, but i really liked Lauren and im glad shes gotten work since the show. I want her to do super well.


Why did Mr. Jay steal Bianca's green shirt? Doesn't he know that popped collar "adds ten years?"


Shockingly, the right girl one. I know people are baffled by the runway thing but none of the girls from C13 are going to be on anyone's runway. You need to be at least 5'9" (with some rare exceptions) to even be considered for runway. Nicole may not be charming like Laura but if they bring back those awful MLAACG spots next cycle, she'll be more than able to fake it. Of the two, she's more versatile than Laura. Wilhelmina's already doing better than Elite. She's already been to a casting for a Garnier Fructis commercial. As for Laura, she won The Tyra Show's fan favorite and will get six months paid rent in NYC.


Rich--review The Fame Monster please? SO much better than The Fame. It's actually genius. Gaga seems to get more ridiculous and better the more famous she gets, which is completely unexpected and kind of awesome.


I'm with Ginger. That was the worst stomp-off in the HISTORY OF AMERICA'S. NEXT. TOP. MODEEEEL. And I don't say shit like that lightly. They were poop. I love both of those kids to death, but they were. Though they did handle the various elements well, their walking on its own was simply not up to par. Did they get less runway-related challenges this cycle? I feel like there wasn't as much focus on that, or maybe I'm just forgetting.


Rich, unrelated to this post: How do you keep cats in New York? Are they just housecats that don't go outside? My cats are housecats now because we recently got a dog, and they seem really depressed about it.

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i'm not worried about her finding a job now.

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