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Wow these gifs are amazing.

Queen Lena

That last gif is completely mesmerizing.


Lol best blog entry I've read in days.


Yikes. Splinters.


ahahahahaha this post is SO EPIC WIN.
i love fourfour.


Brilliant! I was actually thinking about the fact that these movies share a title just yesterday. Thank you for always knowing exactly what I want to see.


I'm wondering how many splinters the girl in the second to last GIF got when filming that scene.


I am eternally greatful to Margo Winchester, the hero of our story, and the best fake name to have ever graced last call.


This post is why the internet was created.
Thanks for sharing so that we readers could bask in the beauty that is your twisted mind. Brilliant.


Those last 3 gifs... just...WOW.


Can I Netflix this? Those gifs...blown away!

Cinematic Shotgun

This is absolutely genius. Bravo! Now, it's time to find a copy of the Meyer film ...

Dean Rispler

I own Meyer's Up! It is by far one of my favorite films ever made. I don't believe you can Netflix it - Meyer had his own distribution company and made it really difficult to get his films anywhere besides his company -
Thanks for this awesome and hilarious comparison. I remember when Disney's Up came out and I thought people were originally talking about going to see a reprint of Meyer's Up! It got me excited for 30 seconds or so. Then I was back in reality.


what is this a shot of? it looks like pubic hair but then there's the swell of breasts...i'm so confused...

Russ from Peacehaven

It just goes to show, you can't be too careful.

Dean Rispler

@ Jenn - that's a shot of a rosebud tattoo right above the pubic mound. It's a bizarre still - the shadows make it weirder than it is.


I am so glad to know that you are bringing Meyers love to the internet. I want to rub my boobs against this post.


thanks to you and the wonderful Frank Decaro, Kitten Natividad lives in in infamy.


Those gifs are truly stunning. The vividness of the first one is beautiful.

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It's a bizarre still - the shadows make it weirder than it is.

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This is ridiculos, I really liked the UP cartoon, it has deep sense. How do you even dare to compare it with some cheap greasy porn?....

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