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Is using a pizza box as your protest sign really helping the Jersey image?


Wasn't "Down with Snookie" an old Robin Williams / Jon Stewart movie that flopped at the box office?


This is frikkin hilarous. The craptastic home-made signs are absolutely worthy of the Jersey Shore.

Makes me want pizza.


It almost seems like these people are ironically enjoying a mock protest to exploit how ridiculous getting all up in arms over a bunch of reality show fame whores and douchebags really is. You know the way some people think that the Westboro Baptist Church is really an extreme left wing organization created to make the religious right look like a bunch of assholes? That's the impression I get anyways. They're having way too much fun to be really angry about anything. And the pizza box is a dead give away.


Also, is she implying that we should turn to Jersey girls to prostitute themselves in order to get the US out of debt? I'm puzzled, yet intrigued.


So, hold on : Are we counting Jersey sluts as currency? And that's how the US is not in debt?


The stars of the show, and yes, they are stars, ARE NOT FROM NEW JERSEY. Jersey locals should realize the ONLY redeeming quality of their state is that it happens to be geographically positioned along the coast - if it weren't for this single quality the "locals" in the communities allegedly resentful of the show would all be far worse off due to lower tourism in the summer months


Well said Murphman.

Juice Springsteen

Murphish....truer words may have never been spoken


If they were really serious about this protest, they would have been more prepared.

Nice write-up, Rich.-


You know what's TOTES Jersey? Callin' other Jersey girls sluts, particularly while emphasizing that you yourself are definitely not a slut. You, are classy. Snookie, she is a slut.


They look like they were cast to protest to stir up more publicity for the show


Protesters: do they not sell thick black markers in Jersey? I know they sell 'em at Duane Reade, I done seen 'em there. Hmmm, I think a bunch of friends went into the city and decided to pull off an impromptu protest. I just can't tell if it's before or after drinks.


NJ's only redeeming quality is being on the shore? That can be said about anywhere. If NY was easily accessible by water it never would have been a major commercial hub. Great point, if the planets topography was completely different, then NJ wouldn't have as much tourism, brilliant!

Generally, the average family income in Jersey Shore area (not Seaside because very few people actually live there) is some of the highest in the country. The locals are generally wealthier than the tourists. The tourism helps very few people. It people much helps Seaside's budget from the extra parking tickets, and the mayor who owns about half the boardwalk.

But yes, I do think its a little off about goint to NY to protest a shore filmed in NJ, starring NYers. Most of us in NJ just feel that this shows proves the worst part of NJ, is NY.


Snooki as the Dark Lord? Oh my goodness! lol, I love it! :D

Bianca James

These posts make me love the show, even though I haven't watched it. The road to hell is paved with bumpits and steroids!


Benny Go Home!


im desperate for a recap over here

i need the fist bump/floor punch as a gif please.


I agree with Joshua. I grew up in New Jersey. it is the best place on earth and the worst part about new jersey are the trashy new yorkers who vacation at the shore. ocean and monmouth counties have one of the highest average incomes in the country and it is definitely not from the guido cash rolling in over the summer from the staten island transplants.


Who is the marketing genius that coined 'Bumpits'? At best it sounds like a cure for underarm razor bumps; at worst: bum pits. Really?


I think this is brilliant, especially the pizza box used as a protest sign!


@ spazmo - I know I'm late, but the Robin Williams, Ed Norton, Jon Stewart movie was Death To Smoochy. I have an irrational love for that movie. So. Yeah.

Chris Flack

I'm the one holding up the sign that says "Jersey Shore Locals Against MTV's Jersey Shore".... Which is the name of the Facebook group that brought all of this about. If you check our group page, you will see that we're planning on attaining the permits to do this again legally within the next month. Hopefully this time the cops won't chase us out of there. Nonetheless, we had a total blast.

---Chris Flack

Chris Flack

BTW, there was definitely more than four of us.... Hopefully next time around there will be even more!

Oh, here's a link to our group:


People who have to protest something on MTV have absolutely no life

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