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December 15, 2009



Hahaha...that NewSong song is the absolute worst! Patton Oswalt did a bit on it:



OH MAN. I have loved/hated Christmas Shoes since it played SIX TIMES A DAY at my retail job in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I also like that this kid's mom could die at ANY TIME and, instead of spending time with her, her son is out buying some shoes. Shoes for Jesus.

Also, when he says God sent that little boy to remind him what Christmas was all about? Really? God is killing this little boy's mommy so that you can feel some Christmas joy? Wouldn't it be easier to just watch It's a Wonderful Life?

I also submit for approval, Christmas in America: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smzFAtyABE0


Not sure if you've seen this yet, but if you haven't be prepared to laugh your ass and various other parts of your body off:

Patton Oswalt: Christmas Shoes


Agreed! Those are my two most despised xmas songs EVER.


I still think Bono yelling "Well tonight thank god it's them instead of YOUUUUUUUUUU!" is the most fucked up line in pop history. He's like the irish Krampus.


Oh my God, I am so ridiculously pregnant and hormonal that "The Christmas Shoes" made me cry.


Ugh ugh ugh I HATE Christmas Shoes! My mom always starts crying when she hears it...it's terrible.


HAHAHA!! Never commented before but had to give kudos for your remarks on the Band Aid song. I have a special tie to Ethiopia and may be spending Genna there this January.

I'll report back if they are indeed smashed on eggnog.


I detest that Christmas shoes song. It's caustic convoluted crap.

I also hate the mamacita where is santa claus song - it is usually sung by a white bread group which just makes it worse.

Give me Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton or Santa Baby by the divine Ms Kitt. Or, anything on the Grinch soundtrack.


LMAO at Christine's comment: "Really? God is killing this little boy's mommy so that you can feel some Christmas joy? "


Christmas Shoes makes me vom gingerbread cookies on Rudolph's head. Thanks for this special Christmas moment!


OMG I hate Christmas Shoes with a passion! I like how they try to suck me in with the use of of the children's choir, but I'm not falling for it. This song blows.


hahaha!!! im ethiopian and i celebrate both american and ethiopian christmas ( you know to take advantage and stuff). we dont get drunk on eggnog just so you know. but i really do hate that song..... its really condescending.


not that i like that horrible Christmas Shoes song AT ALL, but i think the line is "these shoes are just her SIZE"

and i'm not gonna lie, that damn song made me cry too, which is why it's a HORRIBLE song for christmas


Hehe. I love how Band-Aid is so inappropriate 25 years later. It's nice to see that as a society we've developed a quasi-awareness of our stupidity.

Kit for kat

First time commenter, long time reader here and I'm filled with joy that you bring up the ridiculousness of "Do they know it's Christmas" For some reason, this year particularly, I fuckin hate this song. FUCKING with a capital F!!!! It's the most piece of crap filled song ever recorded. So thank you, thank you kind sir, for lampooning this bullshit and seriously making my day.

Oh and to the person who posted the Patton Oswalt video, kudos, that made me cry with laughter. Honorable mention to you!


Christmas Shoes is possibly the worst fucking Christmas song EVER. Even my mom, one of the most Catholic-minded people I know, think it's a bunch of shit. That kid is a scammer.

trick please

I guess I'm in the minority because I'm a Christmas crazy- I will watch anything Christmas related even the religious shit.

*and I love 'Do they know it's Christmas'*. I feel better now that I've admitted it


Oh noooooo the Christmas shoes!!!!! I cannot stand that song either.

Another Christmas song I can't stand is "Mary Did You Know". No real reason behind it, just that it makes my ears bleed.


Oh dear god, I blame menopause, but i just bawled my eyes out at that song.

I shall now die of shame in the corner.


Love the banner.

Don't throw me down, Clark.


Oh, and 'Christmas Shoes' is almost as bad as that damn 'Butterfly Kisses' song. Now I can't get it out of my head. Ugh.

Lipstick on your Teeth

Ugh, I just heard that Christmas Shoes song for the first time on Sunday--I swear to god--right after the Band Aid song. I was just shopping along and musing about the line "Well there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas." Wouldn't that be a disaster if there was? When that shoes song came on. Worst piece of crap ever.

I guess that's what I get for shopping in a Children's Hospital thrift store...

bella (not because of Twilight)

Yes! and Yes! Omigod YES!


Haha, I love Kate's comment about the kid being a scammer. I always thought that too. His "mom" probably wore kids' size 5 Nikes.

This isn't a Christmas song, but for some unknown reason they occasionally play it on the 24/7 Christmas radio station in my area. I'm all for stopping child abuse, but this isn't the way to do it!

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