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December 08, 2009



Wow. Tell it.


Yes, but did you like it? :D


lol, dam. Great review, more so for the writing cause I dont know if you really did separate your opinion of Chris and his music at all. I dont think the album is much different from the last one. And had he not become infamous "Graffiti" would probably receive the same amount of praise as "Exclusive."




How do you feel about the song "I Can Transform Ya"? When I first heard it I wasn't too into it, there's no real hook, and I kept waiting for it to start. It has grown on me, but I think part of it is just the novelty of it. I've never been a Chris Brown fan (though, after it was on America's Best Dance Crew I developed genuine love for "Forever"), mostly because his upper register just.. doesn't work. It is very nasal and whiney and labored.


Now only if other people could see this...I'm pretty surprised that people are people are still listening to this. He still books concerts and he's still on those countdowns


He played at my college a few weeks ago and I was surprised to see people LINED AROUND THE BLOCK for tickets. It was right next to my dorm, too, so I basically spent the night trying not to listen to the crowd and fuming. I have no idea how people can justify buying his music. I hope you downloaded that shit free.


Ah...Chis Brown hate is so satisfying. It enrages me how many people actually defend this jerk.


If I could attach a gif of a standing ovation, I would. Thank you, Rich. This review sums up exactly how I feel about Chris Brown the artist and Chris Brown the person. Both are lame.


What is more infuriating than the fact that he was even able to release a new album is reading the comments on iTunes. I'm a little confused when I read about the "adversary" that he's fought through. Did I miss something?


this is awesome.


If you repeatedly pummel the face of one of the most beloved pop stars making music today resulting in fallout that could possibly jeopardize your own future as a pop star, I believe it is wise to forfeit your right to use "hit it" and "beat it" in reference to what you'd like to do to a woman sexually.

That's damn near poetry


Excellent review, although I would have liked to see more discussion of the cover art, which is AMAZINGLY BAD. No self-respecting graphic designer is inspired by effing "Space Jam."

Also, gotta clarify: a bear is a mean animal from the woods, or, a verb meaning "to carry." Bare, on the other hand, is either an adjective synonymous with nudity or a verb meaning "to uncover."

So, you "bare" your soul. You don't "bear" it.

trick please

Wow, Rich. I agree. He can carry tune but it is hard to believe he's earnest when he sounds like a chipmunk. There is no emotion; it's just words.


So, you did nothing but talk about Chris BRown as a person. Everybody seems to think that Chris is living for them. News Flash: HE OWES YOU NOTHING! He beat Rihanna not me, not you. You judge him not knowing anything about the situation but what you hear on the news. Personally, I can't say I dislike him because of the assauly, simply because I do not know him nor do I knoe Rihanna. You all are bashing him, but you fail to realize at the end of the day everyone doesnt think like you. To top it all off he's still famous, making millions because he is TALENTED. Their is no denying that the boy has talent, so at the end of the day you dont really matter. He's still living and making money because it is gods will. Damn, he's only a kid, he has plenty of time to learn and grow from this. He's admitted he was wrong numerous of times, and I'm sure most if not all of you all done did some things you are truly sorry for. At the end of the day ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE HIM!. YOU DONT MATTER!


Wow , it is special for me.

Donny B

Yeah, Rich, didn't you know? He's still making money because it is "gods will." Duh. Of course, it wasn't "gods will" for Chris Brown to, you know, not beat the shit out of his girlfriend, but whatevs. god is mysterious, k?


De-lurking just to say that this is what keeps me coming back to your site, Rich - you're a great writer! Love the interesting mix of pop culture, kitty videos, and incisive commentary. :)

Also, "...it would be a lot easier to believe that Chris Brown isn't a callous prick if he did not open his mouth." HA! Seriously.

La Sexorcisto

J Renee is a good representation of the kind of imbeciles that still defend this jerk-off. So it seems for the moment his career will be aight.

I always thought his music was pretty disposable. He's a good dancer though.


J. Renee, what the hell do you mean by saying, "can't say I dislike him because of the assauly, simply because I do not know him nor do I knoe Rihanna" [sic]? Because it SEEMS like you're saying, "Maybe she DESERVED that beating!", to which I reply "Fuck you and the sanctimonious horse you rode in on".

Great review, Rich.

Queen Lena

J. Renee and the other braindead lunatics that defend Brown disgust me. "You judge him not knowing anything about the situation but what you hear on the news." Really? Well I guess we can't trust anything we hear then. In that case, I'm going to choose to disbelieve everything the news says that makes me uncomfortable. For example, we aren't in the midst of two wars. Nope, won't believe it. Also, GWB wasn't president for eight years. Nope. Can't trust "the news!"

Though I should say that I never expected to hear about The Situation on CNN or anything.

Rich, as always, you are a man after my own heart. Brilliant.

La Sexorcisto

I'm guessing J Renee's real name is P.Q. Chickenhead.


I'm guessing J Renee was cheering when Mo'Nique was throwing frying pans and TV sets at Precious' head.


Please. None of you ever bought a Chris album or even listened to his music. So try again. I hate when people that were never fans or even know his music or own it. Comment on their 2 cents. NEXT!


I was afraid to read this because I thought you'd be behind him, but I'm pleasantly surprised at your candor. I never understood what people were talking about when they said "Oh, well, Chris is talented and he deserves to continue on with his career making great music." He doesn't deserve to continue on because he doesn't and has never made good music. He stumbled onto a good pop song (FOREVER) that was written, produced, and peddled to him, a song he was quick to use to garner Doublemint's endorsement. The guy's voice is nasal and limited, he's no musical prodigy, and the fact that he can dance - dude, I can't SEE you when I'm listening to your shitty voice on the radio. Not only that, every time I hear WHAT YOU SAY or DOWN on the radio I think "Here's some folks doing Chris Brown's job." He's easily replaced, and already has been.

That TRANFORM YA song sounds like some 3rd year music undergrad trying to do "edgy." It's unlistenable, like that Pussycat Dolls WHEN I GROW UP douche rag.

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