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Winston is happiness :)


Agreed. This is pretty damn cute.
Rich, I'm curious to know what tats you have. Feel free to share :)


Merry Christmas, Winston, Rudy, and their cat dads!

sassy fontaine

merry krimmas guys!


Winston is the best muse ever... but seriously 30 seconds in and I was like, 'Just eat the damn snow!' Cats are so weird.


I love Winston's weirdness. He brings such joy to my miserable days. And, Rudy is so cool to play second fiddle to Win. Loving Rudy's studded collar. He's one cool cat!


And a very merry Christmas to you!


Rudy's stud collar is so him....winston is such an alien, gimmie him!


I was having a bit of a crummy night until I watched this, and now I'm teary and missing my cat but I'm also totally delighted. Thanks Winston and Rudy! I hope Santa's extra-good to you and your humans.


I knew you wouldn't let me down, Rich!

Merry Christmas Winston and Rudy!


Happy Christmas everyone!


Those cats couldn't care less about a stupid hunk of snow, but bless 'em for humoring you guys anyway.

Hope Santa is good to everyone this year!


merry christmas guys! thank you for making this such an enjoyable year on the internet :) love you all!


Merry Christmas Winston and Rudy!!!
My Kitty also likes to eat snow
We have to be careful to pick up any that gets tracked inside because he'll eat it, but if it comes from off our shoes it might have icky stuff in it.

Driver B

Winnie AND Rudy?? Best xmas present evar!


Winston + Rudy = Christmas awesomeness


What a treat!

IzZy : P

Super cute! My cat is almost Winston's twin ( in the way that he's very weird) but THERE IS NO SNOW IN SAN FRANCISCO, so he is missing a large part of his life to be weird in. Sad, sad....
also, can i just say that the carpet in that video was the most fabulous i have everrrr seeeeeen! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


winston is a little gift that keeps on giving in and of himself. merry christmas to you and your kitties rich!


to my all time favourite blogger:

merry christmas rich from me and the 3 kitties (moxie, gonzo and pretzel)

hope you have a wonderful holiday, and that next year is the super bestest ever. yo have enriched my life with your insights and silliness. i even finally got my brother into your site! yay!


I just have to say that Winston is THE MOST AMAZING CAT and I have been in love with him for months! Especially in the last month I have watch all his beautiful lil antics. I gave my exotic away after 18 months coz my cat allergies became uncontrollable. I miss my Lula so much, but when i do i just watch Winston, and i feel betta. Give him a kiss for me. How lucky you are! Again he is sooooo beautiful.


I just wanted to get it in before the department stores and the tv stations did.
they're not making a fool out of ME this year!
so, HAPPY CHRISTMAS to one and all!


Happy holidays to Winston, Rudy and the humans!
The snow video is all sorts of awesome. Thanks for posting these...they are an oasis of joy in an otherwise craptacular year.


I want to make a white noise machine that makes those Winston chewing noises. I find them strangely calming, like I could fall asleep to it. Weird, I know.


I work at a veterinary hospital and every day I pray that Winston's brother from another mother will come in and make my day.

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