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Oh God I hated this movie. It was such a pain in the ass! The dialogue was cheesy, the plot was paper thin, the characters were stereotypical... and everything looked wet and slimy.



I was completely enthralled by the stunning world and beings of Pandora. This is a must-see in 3D. And as cheesy as some of the dialogue may have been, I was really moved by it, particularly by the emotions of the Na'vi during their moments of grief. I saw it Sunday morning after the east coast snowstorm and my friend and I were the ONLY people in the theater...pure bliss!

The GingerFly

IMHO - Jake Scully is the White Man's access point (thus making the movie financially viable) - he's the reason why "we" (if you are of the Westernized majority) are supposed to care. It is the same issue with The Las Samuri, The Last of the Mohicans, etc, etc...I find that my white and/or male friends actually missed the that whole dynamic taking place. A friend of mine recently posted that he felt the film was simply about technology vs. spiritualism, and therefore the stakes weren't really high enough. That the film was ultimately a quest for legs. (Nevermind the fact that colonialism IS the battle between technology vs. native cultures/ways of doing things).

What I find interesting in all of this is each of our "access" points for the film. As an African American Woman, I spent the larger part of the movie relating to Zoe's Character, then Michelle Rodriguez, and then Sigurney Weaver. (in that order) Jake Scully was the intruder to me who had to either rise to the occasion and do what was right, or go back where he came from.

For me, I absolutely enjoyed the movie, but mostly for the technological and thematic aspects than for dialogue or plot originality.


I loved it, but saying that James Cameron made something worthwhile is essentially no comment. He has no hand for subtlety, and in the end, as much as I appreciate what he's saying, he says nothing new here. It is an homage to Dominant Culture saying Passive Culture can make it...with their own hero. WTF? It's Dances with Wolves on another planet, and aside from the spectacle, I'm not impressed.


I enjoyed the movie but some of the dialogue really grated on my nerves. I think the dialogue in the human world seemed markedly worse than the dialogue in the forest. Maybe that's just because they made the "bad guys" waaaay too one dimensional. It was almost reaching the level of a Tarantino nod to spaghetti western dialogue - but without the knowing wink. I actually felt bad for Ribisi at some parts.

I also laughed out loud when the Zoe Saldana N'avi said, after sex - "we are mated for life now". Think I will try that next time I sleep with someone for the first time, see how it goes over.

Joanna Cornish

I'm glad you love it, Rich, because it makes it ok for me to love it.

As for the whole "why is Jake such an awesome Na'vi?" issue, I can see it being problematic...but the girl taught him everything. The only thing he did totally awesomely was to shut up and let her teach him. I also got the sense that he could ride that orange flyer thing because he surprised it and then in the surprise confusion, he bonded with it. Maybe nobody had tried it before or really had the necessity to. Desperate times, etc...

It's interesting that all the Na'vi are played by actors of colour (black and native, mostly) while Jake is a white dude. Would this issue of Jake's super Na'vi nature be as apparent if he was played by a black actor? We would miss out on the hotness of Sam Worthington.

It's still ridiculously gorgeous.


Avatar was simply just beautiful
I loved it and am dying to see it again.


Loved this movie so much. We didn't see it in 3D unfortunately. Sure the story is something we've all seen already, but it's still entertaining and the movie is just absolutely beautiful eyecandy.

Damn Skippy

Beautiful film. Better in 2D IMHO (saw both). 3D doesn't add anything to it, and the glasses are annoying. As for "Saved by a white guy" - only because he was chosen by the planet herself, plus remember, the only thing threatening the Na'vi was (say it with me): white guys (with power, money and gigantic spaceships). I think Cameron has been reading Derrick Jensen. Bravo.

Nordette aka Verite

I loved this movie. Before it leaves theaters, I'll have to see it again and I'm so over the white man saves the Na'Vi argument. It's a rehash of what's becoming a tired critique and it doesn't work as a critique of this movie in my opinion. Hope you enjoy your second viewing.


I saw this movie in 3d and loved it. Aside from the white leader/missionary/saviour thing, I had a BIG problem with the fact that the natives were, for the most part, black actors. It really lost any subtelty when they were called primitives.


beautiful but too much eye candy = I fell asleep.
Not enough for the brain to grab onto IMO
More Gaga pls.


I didn't think I would like Avatar (as my adolescent love for James Cameron died as soon as I saw this new hair style) because as much as I can appreciate the overwhelming amount of work that goes into epic movies like Avatar, they just don't do much for me. Luckily, my family really wanted to see it and offered to pay for my ticket.

I would say that my only complaint with the entire movie would boil down to:
1.) The fact that after 15 years of simmering James Cameron couldn't come up with a better line than "Yeah! Get some!" (AND HAVE IT SAID TWICE)
2.) Those poor little lizards that helicoptered with their tails. That is, hands down, the worth method of transportation ever.


Held off from reading your notes until just now. Got back from seeing it in IMAX 3D and understand why the glasses might have been smudged, Lauren. I was quietly SOBBING throughout the movie.

With a background in Environmental Studies, I was so impressed to see a mainstream movie with anti-imperialist AND deep ecology messages. At several moments, I wanted to scream, "Get the fuck out of the rainforests, the Middle East! Burn down the factory farms! Tread lightly!"

Yeah, so needless to say, I was moved. I know Cameron had the storyline punched out years ago, but I still applaud his courage to put out a movie like this at a time when very few mainstream moviegoers want to see an anti-war movie. I've heard several people call this movie anti-American/West propaganda; a failure to foster critical thinking. No. With the overload of black and white views about climate change and the Iraq invasion, for example, in mainstream media (including those fuckin Support the Troops bumper stickers that COMPLETELY shut down the possibility for discussions...unless one wants to be labeled "unpatriotic"), Cameron's epic provides some much-needed balance.


i'm seeing it again a.s.a.p. (!!!)


My two cents:

I loved this movie! It was the most beautiful movie I've ever seen. I don't care about the plot or dialogue, my expectations weren't that high. I went to see it to b e entertained, and I was. The movie served it's purpose.

I resisted the movie because I sensed the whole "White man rescues the Natives" theme would get on my nerves, but I didn't see the movie that way, to my surprise. I didn't get the feeling that Scully was being portrayed as superior, at all. To begin with he's handicapped and looked down on by the military people. He's not thought of as important nor very smart by humans or Na'Vi.


As far as him "saving" the natives, he was helping them because he owed them and they equally helped him as well. What really saved the planet were all the other creatures that joined in.

When he tamed Turok, it wasn't because he was superior to the natives. It was because he was "like a baby", too naive to know he shouldn't try. The natives spent generations telling themselves that it was impossible to do and taught themselves to fear Turok. Scully didn't have a sense of fear, was too dumb to think twice, and was a natural born warrior that wanted to conquer things. Add his desperation to the situation and he comes up with a creative solution. Also, when he rejoined the natives after the battle, it was to be one of them, not their leader.

The thing that made me crack up and see the different take on "White Man tames The Natives" is the line, "The aliens returned to their dying planet" and watching the surviving grunts being led away. Lol


As far as the soldier yelling "get some!" I laughed and took that as a jab at the soldier's stupidity and a wink at the cliche, not a failure in the script. In Aliens, it was used by the heroic soldiers against the evil aliens, this time it's used by the evil aliens against the heroic warriors.


shut up queens, this is not about Lady Gaga.
this is about Matrix With Wolves.


Check out the failblog on Avatar- it's very hilariously eye-opening and makes the paltriness of James Cameron's imagination stand out that much more. Avatar is just another cheesy allegory that doesn't even attempt to penetrate the surface of the issues it refers to (colonialism, globalism, corporate greed, etc.). Cameron uses them as thematic/structural props to bolster a flimsy foundation. He's more interested in making the time go by faster, in distraction via platitude, and less so in inviting contemplation.

I didn't see any strong evidence that the film validates anything but white patriarchy. Their culture may get the better edit, but the Na'vi are still dependent on a superior people's actions to forge their path, whether fortuitous or tragic.

I'm not sure how anyone can claim that the film is supposed to validate the power of the Na'vi. Especially when their salvation (from a powerful evil white man's efforts to destroy them and their world for profit) comes at the hands of another white man, (who arrives as part of the invading force), because he proves preternaturally gifted at harnessing the power of the planet's natural world better than the Na'vi themselves. Cameron recycles the heroes of his sources virtually verbatim, with little to no alteration or invention.

Also, we didn't get anything visually that Studio Ghibli hasn't done way better via hand-drawn imagery. I can't believe it took him so many years to come up with this slop.


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Nice, thank you enjoy it while it lasts...

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The Avatar is really a great film.. The video game of it is also very good. Very entertaining and fun!

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Mirand and K you both had me cracking up with the math equations. I'd forgotten all about Fern Gully!!!!

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Wonderful piece! I've definitely had moments of fear of taking both my kids places when I thought they could run off.

Jack Stands

It's funny to look at what we decide to ban and what we consider basic freedoms.

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Very excellent. The details of your experience converge through description into a finely tuned human reminder of both the terror and technologic futulity of violence.

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