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Rich, just want to note that this one of those classic "overcorrections."

A decade is any period of ten years. It could be 1994-2003. The only way it would be incorrect is if someone referred to this as "the 201st decade A.D.," which would be 2001-2010 as you say. But luckily no one talks that way.

If someone calls this the '00s, and calls it a decade, and does a decade wrap-up of the '00s -- they are not making any error.


You aren't 1 when you're born; you're 1 once you've survived a whole year. This idea has always, for some reason, confused me. So when I turn 27, I won't be starting my 27th year, I'll be starting my 28th. So shouldn't I be 28? Am I somehow retarded? Or is this weird to anyone else?


Fair enough; want to post pictures of Rudy?


Yeah, this logic is pretty retarded. And making lists is fun.


i completely support you in this. i can't deal with reading those lists - i could not imagine the aggravation of creating one.


I'm glad someone agrees with me on this, even if it's just an excuse not to write an article. I feel like a jerk when I want to correct people who say this decade is ending. According calendar decades the next one doesn't begin until 2011. Trying to say that to anyone on new years eve and not sound like a pedantic know it all will be impossible.


Just to be fair:

Jan '00 - Dec '00: 1 year
Jan '01 - Dec '01: 2 years
Jan '02 - Dec '02: 3 years
Jan '03 - Dec '03: 4 years
Jan '04 - Dec '04: 5 years
Jan '05 - Dec '05: 6 years
Jan '06 - Dec '06: 7 years
Jan '07 - Dec '07: 8 years
Jan '08 - Dec '08: 9 years
Jan '09 - Dec '09: 10 years


well i have to defend rich, for i am one of those pedantics who did not celebrate the coming of the 21st century until 2001. the thing with the gregorian calendar is there was no year 0! there was year 1 b.c. and 1 a.d. so the fisrt decade a.d. comprised years 1 through 10, the second decade 11 through 20 and so on, and so on.
calendars are messed up anyway.
i can't wait until next year for your list :)


[A] Decade ain't nothin' but a number. It's all good, Rich...smooches!


Hummina, I remember in 8th grade I told my math teacher something of similar logic to what you said. She responded with something like "23 minus 6 will always be 17, you can't make arguments against that."

But I guess math teachers don't like to make 2+2=3


I wasn't even expecting you to do this, I thoguht you were just going to make an end of '09 list like last year. OH WELL, there had better be a Winston/Rudy Christmas post, that's all I want. THAT'S ALL.


fair enough, but i am still waiting desperately for your fame monster post!


Rich, I hope you'll still be doing a year-end wrap up. And also, if I may pretend you are Santa, I STILL play the shit out of THE HOUSE OF R&B, so I would really, really, really like another DJ mix. Anything music-related in the best-of style would be muchly appreciated!


I totally see your logic Rich, because when you think about it , 1980 was more of a 70's year than an 80's , since disco and 70's clothes were still strong then, and 1990 had nothing to do with grunge as far as pop culture, it was still a neon 1980's year, and 2000 was a big ravey 1990's year. Totally logical


The world was divided into two parts: is it a new millennium or still not?

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A wonderful rememberance and tribute. Oh how I owuld love to make beans like she did! Tonight you put out a little food for her, right?

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A wonderful rememberance and tribute. Oh how I owuld love to make beans like she did! Tonight you put out a little food for her, right?

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A lovely story that moved me very much. A big hug from Austin, for all our grandmothers.

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