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December 10, 2009



Ho. Ly. Shi. It.

It's mesmerizing.




What's so great about Pia is that she's not THAT bad of an actress. Sure she's no Streep or Cruz or whoever we consider to be good actresses. Its just that her acting style is more suited to less serious roles, and yet, during her career she tried really hard (as in had her husband pay for) to get serious roles that required incredible amounts of talent and dramatic weight, and then, when the directors were faced with the problem of a star who can't handle such a role, the film gets rewritten, direction changed, so that the miscast isn't as obvious. The result being terribly amusing movies.

Have you seen Butterfly? She's actually pretty good in that movie, I didn't think she deserved the Razzie for that particular role (the Lonely Lady, yes, but Butterfly, in the hands of competent film makers and writers, was a role that was perfect for Pia, she's the least of the problems in the movie). But maybe I just overlook the problems, because I can see why she has such desire to sleep with her dad, her dad's hot!


Pffft, just looks like one of my usual holiday freakouts. Comfort and joy my ass!


Ahhh, thanks for this! I have long-term affection for Pia. My best friend's dad used to be her pilot. BF(at age 7) was on a flight with her dad and unfortunately couldn't find the toilet. She peed all over Pia's plane. While most of the 'entourage' was disgusted with the whole affair, Pia just plopped BF on her lap...pee-pee-pants and all. What a lady. Plus, I read The Lonely Lady book about 80 times when I was a kid...ahem.


Honestly, if you've never seen her in "Voyage of the Rock Aliens" - treat yourself. So much new wave fashion, so little talent.


Because seriously, "Rock Aliens" brought us this production number in a ladies restroom, complete with splitscreen effects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCDzrAEgcls

At 0:56 - is she doing Lady Gaga arms?


I don't get it. Why was she freaking out? Did she just read her reviews, or something?


I think that is an accurate representation of how I used to act in highschool when I was stressed about an upcoming test. Oh pia zadora, you are my anti-hero.

Mary Backstayge

We have a photograph of my grandfather with Pia Zadora. It appears to have been taken at some sort of event or gala ... except that my grandpa wasn't a Hollywood/gala sort of guy, he was a kitchen cabinet wholesaler. Most people who would have known the origins of this photo have passed (including him), so it remains a big mystery that I only ever think about when I read or hear something about Pia.


Gah, I remember watching this on HBO when I was 12 or thereabouts and being utterly TRAUMATIZED by the garden hose rape scene. Shudder.


greatest freak out. ever. pfft. that's like, how i answer the phone. but i do hate the phone. i share a birthday with pia j'adora. though. so. that explains that.


You're missing out on a major PZ club jam! "Heartbeat of Love" -- complete with remixes by C&C Music Factory!


You've reached the perfect Pia Zadora obsession/Christmastime crossroads to fully appreciate the wonder, merriment, and all around brain-melting confusion that is Santa Claus Conquers The Martians! Congrats!


I LOVED her in Hairspray (the original version). She was the beatnik that said, "When I'm high, I am Odetta." I sought out any Odetta song I could find.

Miss Lisa

Long ago, my high school boyfriend's father rented "Butterfly" for family movie night while I was over at their house and that was EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Although, I secretly think he planned it in advance and enjoyed the awkwardness that followed. Lack of boundaries is not a pretty thing.

I'll have to see "Lonely Lady" with my pill-popping buddies. It will definitely be a more entertaining evening.


I think that it is time for a Divine Miss Z comeback. Matt above nailed it. She was not as bad as her rep makes her seem but her boldface grab at legitimate fame way, way before she paid her dues (and developed her chops) is what has turned her into a punchline.

Or maybe I just have always thought she was hot and am trying to legitimize her anonymously over the 'Net.


Still, I would love to see her in something current.

Vanessa M

I feel a strange bond with you once again because my parents had Showtime when I was a kid and I actually saw this movie. I frequently stayed up late in the hopes of seeing nudity and canoodling on cable(which is how I came to also see such sights including the Ursula Andress classic "The Sensuous Nurse.")

But enough digression. Wasn't the story on Pia that she married some foreign zillionaire who basically tried to buy her a career? Which should make you hate her but somehow she was kind of adorable instead. Maybe it was her self-awareness and the sense she would still put a child with pee-pants on her lap (what a great story!) Even as a child, I recognized camp when I saw it but I kind of loved her kiss off award-winning speech at the end where she said something like, "I know I'm supposed to thank people but I did this all myself so screw you."


Her acting talent may be negligible, but she can belt out a show tune like nobody's business.

Pia Zadora - I Am What I Am


Oh my God! I've been WAITING to have a Pia Zadora moment for ever! I haven't seen any of her movies yet--this was just the push I needed! I love this blog.

Tess Lee

Not realizing I had two youtube tabs open (one for ANTM and one for Pia) I thought that this clip was Jennifer crying hysterically in her shower after her critique at panel! Sadly I was mistaken!


I've always loved her character in Hairspray.

"I play my bongos, listen to Odetta, and then I iron my hair, dig?"
"Let's get naked and SMOKE!"

Veronika Olivier

I knew Pia back in the day. We've had one on one conversations in her dressing room at the Riv. I knew her parents and my good friend Richie Lisella was her manager Tino's right hand man.
She's good people!

Natalia Floripes

She had a really hot body. I wish my body was so beautiful as hers. I bet I would attract a lote more attention when I go to the nudist beaches. It´s kind of sad I don´t really attract as much attention as my fried Cecilia does, with her slim body, small tits and big ass. I want (young) Pia Zadora´s body!!!

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