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December 11, 2009



Fabulous. I was just another drunk college kid playing the Jersey Shore Drinking Game (finished my first beer by the first commercial break), but now I realize that I wasn't just drunk when every incident that you mentioned stood out to me too. Thank you Rich.


I wonder if the recaps would be any less hilarious if I actually watched the show. Frankly, I don't want to find out.


Switz-o, right?


I'm gonna take him home and I'm gonna get my fix!


"Jersey Shore is my thing, like".

I am so glad you are recapping this show.


The first epp. HILARIOUS!
The second epp. TERRIFYING!

Or as we say on Long Island
"my accent doesn't sound like that, right?"


The one with poop eye is kinda hot
So embarrassing for me


Love your recaps...the gifs go a long way. I'll be tuning in for the next one!


Boy, if you think people are pissed about this show now, just wait til that lady-punching episode airs. (Btw, they better make Mike leave after that like they did that dude that punched out Irene in the Real World)

Also, was I the only one who was humming 'Farewell Angelina" in my head during her departure? Can't believe there wasn't a pun somewhere along those lines.


do i have to revoke my gay card if i admit that i find The Sitch and Ronnie extremely attractive?


Mike didn't punch her, some random gym teacher from Queens did and he got arrested.


i love that you call snooki snickers, and that in the Pickle Exchange (the pickle Situation?), you at one point called her Sickers. perfect.


Yeah, my bad. They just segued the punch clip with a shot of her and Mike getting along, so I guess my mind just kind of made that connection....


Thank you for drawing my attention to this show. I don't think I would've given it a shot without your write up last week, and then my life would be a lot less complete...

Misty Knight

Looking @ Ronnie's "moves" is like watching a toddler doing the "pee-pee dance" in church socks on linoleum floors.
I was simutaneously horrified and amused.


These people make me feel like it's going to be alright I'm close to turning 30.


Snooki is the Lil Kim of Bensonhurst. I am as happy as a kid on Christmas Day you are reviewing this show.


From the above:

"I like [Jwoww], to be honest with you. At first, I was all about, like, I'm not gonna shit where I sleep, but, I mean, for her, I'll roll around in my shit all day, to be honest with you. I don't even care at this point."

Ronnie was actually talking about Sammi, not J-Woww.

And now I'm stupider from caring enough to make the correction.


I would really like a flowchart to document the characters and hook-ups in this dramedy. (And thank you for the recaps!)


I was so hoping you would mention the tongue lunging happening in the midst of the breakup. Couple that with the indescribable yet infinitely entertaining dance moves and it's really no wonder why I love this show.


Did you see they're cutting the punch from next week's episode?!?! What are your thoughts?


Can we talk about how Ronnie uses the word "creepy" like it's a good thing?? "I got my patented creepy dance moves... It's about to get creepy in here."

Creepy because of the lingering stench of date rape all over this guy.


I waited til now to read the JS updates because the show was on my DVR. JESUS CHRIST THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW EVER. I can not get enough of these people. I barely believe The Situation (with a nickname like that I refuse to use his real name) is in his 30's, let alone his 20's. (Sort of like Kim Zolciak is 29. OKAY.) And I think the greatest quote may have been "I left the club because I didn't want to cheat on my boyfriend. I felt like eating ham and drinking water." Awww.


You were born to recap this show (not that you don't have other things to live for).


LOVE your Jersey Shore reviews. I broke down the other day and watched the first episode. IN LOVE. People gotta stop hatin on it. It's hilarity in it's purest form.

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