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December 18, 2009



I LIVE for your analysis of this show. Too bad my A.D.D. won't let me be great and actually read it all. I so did not notice when Sammi was taking out her clip on hair. Now that is classy.

I tried to resist this show and it's fuckery, but I just can't. It's like watching a car accident involving a clown car and a school bus full of kids in slow motion. I know it's wrong to watch it all go down, but I just can't look away.

The sad thing is that people like this really exist. Being from California, I always thought this was something exaggerated for TV, but apparently these people are real (well except for their hair and tans).

p.s. Snooki looks like Samara from "The Ring" when she cries. And the rest of the time she looks like an orange Christina Aguilera (during her Dirrty days) who just got out of rehab for a tanning addiction and relapsed. But in some weird way, it's sorta charming. Like I want to hug her and help her but at the same time point and laugh at her for being so ridiculous.


"They always win."

They DO! It doesn't matter how horrible they are to other people, you can't help but root for them, for some weird reason. And the frat boy thing is absolutely the best example. You know it's bad for frat dudes when you find yourself saying, "Oh, totally. Frat boys are the worst. Surely not as classy as The Situation or DJ Pauly D." Madness!


what about the lesson:

When arguing with your guidette paramour, it's best to argue with only a loosely draped small towel around your waist?

I am more offended that MTV chooses to air other acts of violence on people, but THIS crosses the line... or that PSA at the end declaring that violence against women is a crime (do acts of violence against men get a free pass for some reason?) right BEFORE THEY SHOW JWOW pummeling some girl in a bar... wtf?


I can't believe you didn't post a screen shot of the Sand-Zamboni driving by on the beach with Snooki and "Russ" in the background. That was my favorite part of this episode.


What would I watch without your brilliant recaps to point in the direction of cultural jackpots like Jersey Shore? Thank you. I really want to make a tanning salon/bar on the Shore so I can sit back, watch the drama & count my millions!!!


Love the recap, Rich.
But this was episode 4, not 3 :P


Let's not forget when the Situation spoke of "deciphering" the bomb!


Snookie looks like a sloth with those finger nails. Or a little baby panda. God I love her.

I really enjoyed the cockblocking girl this week. Pauly wasn't going to trifle with no stale ass bread.


Cockblock blonde was not that unattractive. All she had to do was take off that hair band and put a little lip gloss on.

As someone who stopped watching ANTM I love that you are doing another show now.

I didn't notice the potato chips. Good catch!

Sammi is always doing something awesome while arguing, whether it's bag-checking her birth control pills or removing her weave.

I'm off to put Jager in front of every word now.

Erin M

"I'm like, chill out Freckles McGee"

Ronnie chasing after Sammi in the towel...and then crying...I just can't. SO much dramz.


Snooki, like you, is made of win. (congrats on being a contributor to Jezebel, too).

I just wanted to say, even though this show is (in reality) deplorable, I love it. I love that its not skinny white girls being boring. I love that these girls arent stick thin and dont care about showing off their bodies. There is a positive message in this, somewhere, I think.


When I heard the whole "fuckin' house music" vs. "R&B/grinding" thing I knew it'd be included in the lessons. That part was so funny to me because JWoww's boyfriend actually seemed comforted/appeased by this differentiation, never mind that she had her legs wrapped around Pauly and his face was in her tits. I also loved how they said they were "battling." I didn't know people actually did that.


Soooo not on topic, but I just saw ya on VH1...even though i dont kno u, I love this blog and got excited! Whoot!


You are the best. Thank you for my Jersey fix.


I wish Margaret Mead could see this. She would friggin love it.


Wowww (like Flav would say it), you went there...with the animal comment I mean. I've been trying for weeks now to articulate an analysis of the show that avoided using a "monkey exhibit at the zoo" analogy. I mean, it's perfect, in the sense that these people aren't like any people I know, so can they be people, but I think I've been trying to reason my way around any accusations of racism, and calling people animals seems like a bad way to accomplish that.

Anyway. It's hard to do. I'm impressed with your chutzpah, but not surprised. I'm a fan.


I originally started watching this show so I could gawk at gross people being gross. However, like you, I now genuinely care about these people! I didn't think that was possible when it came to reality tv!

Faith [The Position]

I adore Snooki, shejust seems like so much fun. Im only five feet tall and I wouldve swore we were atleast the same height, but that girl is T I N Y!!! It is kind of dumb for MTV to block one act of violence, and then promote another. But its also entertaining. Ever seen BGC? I think the premise is drunken girl fights.

Love ya Rich, great job!


I was waiting to see your reaction to MTV's decision to not air the punch-shot, Rich, as I expected it to be the most level-headed; and, as usual, you did not disappoint. I too was very shocked at the amount of comments that read along the lines of 'that b*tch deserved it', that were linked to in the Jezebel post. Scary.
The gender issues that were mentioned in that article and comment thread make me even more convinced that this show, far from being a documentary about a small sub-culture with its own values and that is very different from the rest of America, is actually a pretty accurate portrayal of gender and sexuality in young America. Like I said before, I remember college being a lot like this. And although neither I, nor most of my group of current friends, really identify with this culture, we were all dragged to clubs like that at least once or twice by other friends, where the exact same behavior was going on.
I don't know; maybe it's just me--maybe I'm taking the 'reality' of this show too literally. But I can't help but feel that all the people going 'nuh uh, I'm too classy for this' are not dialing into the larger cultural backdrop that this show makes widely apparent.
As usual, great recap. I look forward to reading more!


I couldn't believe I was actually making a point of watching this last night (appointment TV!), but when Snooks busted out with the backflips, I raised my glass to MTV. And to you, sir.


No mention of the BEAUTIFUL editing of this program? After Snookie and her guido woke up on the beach (because they got lost?) - the careful shot of a bird taking a dump was like a hug from baby jesus!

Karen Sugarpants

This is the best recap EVER. Thanks to Hilly at snackiepoo.com for sharing on Google Reader cuz I've added you to my reader too.


I love that Snookie loves house music and isn't a fag. And I'm a fag.


why even waste your time on these people??


A million thanks for doing this recap! You and I thoght the same thing when I first saw my girl doind backflips and doing her thing! My love for her multiplied by a million! Snooki is the WOMAN!!! Love her to DEATH, and I got her back, anytime, anywhere!

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