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I didn't even believe this was real when I saw the preview. I thought it was a total spoof!


I know this comment contributes virtually nothing to your blog, but the French spelling is baguette ^^


Before all the holier-than-thou city folk pop up, I would just like to point out that hardly any of these idiots is actually from New Jersey.


I was hoping for your recap. Thanks!



defensive much? ;)


Li'l bit. It's not enough that these idiots ruin the shore from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Now they're intent on ruining it all year long.


I have to say I was a little disappointed at the lack of ppl saying they were "down the shore." A classic Jersey-ism!


Rich, I can't believe you didn't post a gif of Schnookums getting clocked in the head. (It closed the season promo at the end.)

Also, Ronnie, if you're reading this, I'd go to Poundtown with you anytime, and I'd let you drive.


Ugh, I seriously hope that this show paints these people in the worst light possible, because there are already enough douchebags in the world, we really don't need people suddenly deciding that this is the hot new trend in lifestyles...


Hee... Amy Jagerhouse. :)


"If a girl's a slut, she should be abused."

I knew I didn't imagine that. It was both a awesome and horrifying moment.


"If a girl's a slut, she should be abused."

That's just horrifying, nothing awesome about it.

Rich, great "recap" as always, you definitely bring the LOLs! :)


I can't stop watching the eyebrow expressing in the second gif! Nothing is moving but the backround, and his eyebrows. Gah! HOW?!?


Whoa, * expressions.

Also, these are some of the funniest sound clips I have heard in a while. I'm loving this show already - though I'm sure I could never actually bear to watch it.


thank gawd! i was praying youd do a recap. you always come through rich! i think i know winnies costume for next year!

the bees knees

"douchebaguettes" has conjured some rather vividly unsavory mental images...I think I might puke.


had no idea you'd be covering this (yay!)
how do i love thee, rich? lemme count the ways:

hallucinogenic levels of bronzer.

the flesh abacus

The unbuttoneder, the best.

This way your eyes have more time to look at tits.

they absorb nutrients through service.

I'm merely a transcriber.


I kind of love that you have three mp3s with "pinkeye" in the URL.


Great recap... I just can't believe you didn't mention the duck phone... I could have watched Snickers trying to use that phone all night.

Rumors on the Internets

WOW. Those graphics are freaking amazing...especially the fist pump animated GIF. Bravo!

I'm very excited about this show; it's gonna carry us through a long, cold winter.


I love your recaps and reviews and read them all. I will never see this show, but I think I have experienced it way too much just by reading the recap. Oh My Gawwwwd!


Rich... you should invite Vinny and Angelina (both in nearby SI) to do an episode of potpsych roleplaying as you and Tracy. Or vice versa would obviously be easier.


Is it wrong to fall in ove with you so quickly? GREAT post.


I watched ten minutes of this and was horrified. I'm glad they're from New York (except the Hazlet chick). I love my Jersey shore, I'm afraid they'll cause an oil slick if they actually ever go into the water. There is nothing redeemable about this show, we have fallen to yet another low culturally.


So are guidos the equivalent to ghetto ass and embarrassing black people??

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