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Man, oh, man, oh, man. I have to heartily disagree with your Star Trek summation. I found it nearly unwatchable. Like, really, really, bad. And what was up with all that ridiculous digital lens flare? Best film of the year? Really? Really?


I really have NO idea what I'm looking at with those Tumblrs. Sissydude and CTRL+W33D in particular!

Star Trek was great. It was the most entertaining movie this year. Sure some of it was corny but it's STAR TREK, it can't not be corny sometimes. What would you suggest as a "best film of the year", Jeremy?

Miss Lisa

The peach kid video reminds me of my (overweight) elementary-school teacher who taught us not to call people "fat" because that's not nice. She said to use the word "stout" because it's more polite. That didn't catch on.


Jeremy, I believe he said Star Trek was "the most satisfying movie of the year."


Yikes! I did not like Trick 'R' Treat. It just never came together for me. But I will say that I'd still rather my campy horror come with a side of ambition, so I respect it for that. I liked what it was TRYING to do.


I remember this training I went to way back when I was a preschool teacher about multiculturalism. We were using these Crayola multicultural paints:

And the teacher recommended having all the kids mix the colors to get just their color. You do this by cutting out a square on a piece of picture and having the kids work together to hold it over their arms and then paint around the square to match, right? Then you paint the whole page when you finally match it.

THEN the trainers (both white) said you line up the colors from light to dark across the wall in the room in a multicultural rainbow celebration.

So my co-teacher, who was black, says, "Umm, NO. Our kids already know all about shades of skin and they know all about going from light to dark and NO."

I was maybe 22? And totally white suburban girl and it's the first time (alas not the last) that I realized that maybe we good intentioned white people could be absolute idiots.


It's like you read my mind and then right about it. I agree with The Dream's first album being better than his 2nd. You have to give it up to him for his creativity and writing style. I mean, who else would write a song about sweating a girls weave out ("Call Leticia, your beautician...")

Mariah's H.A.T.E.U. remix = classic. Although I'm mad at her for the video to the original. If she makes one more video on the beach in a bikini, I'm boycotting her. Okay not really but let's pretend.

The scene when Monique is dancing in Precious was entertaining yet disturbing at the same time. Much like the whole movie. But that's why I loved the movie.

And last but not least, Trick R Treat is the best Halloween movie ever!!

You are definitely a friend in my head.


I want you to know that in my childhood I had a strong fear of Gremlins that lasted until I was about thirteen. Your new banner gave me the scared-child feeling that I haven't experienced since. Thank you (really).


I hope Gaga gets a full post... been waiting for your thoughts on The Fame Monster for ages! (Mine: best album in a long while. Far better than The Fame, which was great in its own right.)


Two of my favorite tumblrs! I <3 w33d and stockyjocks, so I'm heading off to sissydude to see if it's as time-wastingly awesome ...


holy crap, I am one straight female that has been waiting for 'stocky jocks' my whole. friggin. life.

bless you rich, bless you.


Sissydude is indeed a goodtime. been a fan for a while.
Soooooo jazzed that you spotlighted that moment
in Precious. Sums up so very much in life right there!


You always kill me with the pop cultural references. I've decided that Mariah needs to fire everyone around her and find some newbie to the industry to run things for 5 years. Something's gotta give. And thanks for Stocky Jocks...that was an unexpected jolt at 6 in the morning.


Wow. A Farm Sanctuary plug. Now, that's impressive. Just made my end-of-year donation to this amazing organization, and had the pleasure of visiting the New York sanctuary this past summer.

Rich, I highly recommend you and your man come out to next year's Hoe-Down. What an incredible weekend. Really reaffirmed my decision to go vegan.

I certainly encountered quite the ethical dilemma when I returned home to feed my cats. We've decided that it doesn't make sense to force these obligate carnivores to go vegan, too, but we may seriously reconsider pet ownership after Lewis and Luca pass away.

I know I'm rambling, but I'm so thrilled you bring up animal issues every now and then. It allows for reflection and important dialogue. Have an awesome New Year!

Oh, one more thing. A good chunk of my classroom discussions (with my high school students) revolve around race issues. I teach at a predominantly white school that is rapidly becoming more multicultural. I can't say I know how to do this with 4-year olds, but I would urge this teacher and other educators to start having conversations about privilege. What we call our skin doesn't matter; it's far more important to talk about the things we think we deserve/end up receiving OR don't because of our physical appearance.


The cove is an incredible, depressing film. Wonderfully done.


Love the paragraph on Pete Hammond's mixes, and thank you for it. So right re: Lonnie. I had the same feeling about its contextual irony, but couldn't quite articulate it! Check out Hammond's mix of Plumb's "Hang On" if you haven't already -- it's very Dead or Alive meets Hazell Dean, and possibly his most OTT mix yet.


I loved the perfection that was Star Trek too! I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire movie. I'm not a Trekkie but I enjoy Star Trek and was excited to see what the remake had in store. I never expected it to be!

I just skipped the rest of your post because I was so excited that you recognized Star Trek---now I will go back to reading. Thank you.

Vanessa M

So, nothing like a kid being ridiculed by and in front of his new class to teach him about race. I'm sure telling male classmates in later years he was peach hued really went over well. Dude, where are you getting these VHS's from?

I love you for plugging The Cove. I won't even pretend that I had the stomach to watch it. I could barely sit thru the piece that NPR did on it. I'm getting sensitive in my old age.


I had never heard of The Cove (don't judge me)until I read your post. I watched it Wednesday night and my jaw is still on my living room floor.


Why does she keep saying Hwhite like Stewie from Family guy says 'cool hwhip'

Monica C.

a "onesie". ROFL!

But yes, that was a crazy scene.

I have a freshly unwrapped copy of The Cove waiting to be watched, as we speak. I bought it while Christmas shopping, then realized that I didn't know a soul who would want to see and that I really just bought it for myself. Can't wait to see it!


Just thought I'd point out to Jeremy that the lens flare actually wasn't digital--they did that shit the old fashioned way. I actually liked how they added that sort of thing in, it seemed like a nice nod to the original series. But then again...I am a huge nerd...

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