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Ugh, penises aside, Watchmen was single handedly the worst movie I saw in 09. Ugh. UGH UGH. I HATE "so realistic and gritty" superhero movies. I don't get it, I don't know why anyone wants to see it, I like my comic books to be campy and dumb and silly and you know, FOR KIDS, and I don't care that I'm in the minority. Seeing this movie by overly enthusiastic friends (who insisted that I would love it and that it was the best movie i'll see in ages) was like being forced to stick pins into my eyes and act like I was enjoying it so that I don't insult anyone...ugh. Worst night of 2009!


Matt - totally agree with you on Watchmen. Was dragged to see it by my comic geek boyfriend and couldn't even speak to him for hours after the movie ended. Just detested it and felt like I needed a shower after that experience!


The Susan Boyle thing was/is so weird. Yes, people, sometimes odd looking women can sing well. Fergie's been doing it for years now!
Also, I'm glad you like the Sade song, it was pleasantly surprising.

Dr. Girlfriend

The BF is employed by the CGI movie industry, and as we walked away from the screening of The Watchmen, explained to me how someone would have been hired to calculate the "dong physics" of Dr. Manhattan's...sway.

So...some guy (or lady) had the task of mo-capping a dong and figuring out how wind patterns on Mars affect its motion.

THIS is the American dream, my friends. Dong Physics.


I wanted to like Audience of One much more than I actually did.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

Love your whole Susan Boyle paragraph. Perfect. Thank you. Also - I do enjoy a good devastating Almodovar film, will check this one out.


i loved watchmen y'all can all suck my inward cock!


holy shit i spit cereal all over my computer with that Paris bit. Made my night, and watchmen is the best thing ever! Rick makes my life can't wait for 2010!!!


wow thats rich btw drunken first comment, and an epic fail!!

Whitney G

Gee thanks for the Gremlins banner...I have a deep, paralyzing fear of Gremlins, much like some (most?) people are terrified of clowns.

When I was 3, my parents took me to see Gremlins in the theater, because they are evil, evil people. I was such a little stoic that I wouldn't let on that I was TERRIFIED by the movie, so naturally my parents assumed that I loved it and commenced buying me truckloads of Gremlins paraphernalia, which only caused continuous relapses of my trauma. I am 28 years old and still to this day cannot watch Gremlins without curling into the fetal position and crying.

Well, perhaps I'm exaggerating a bit. Nevertheless, thanks for helping me start off my New Year with a nightmare from my childhood! ;-)


Thank you SO much for Royale and "J'koko"!! By the beginning of the third minute I had stopped laughing and was singing along. That song will (hopefully) never leave my head. <3


I was mesmerized by Watchmen. Then again, Patrick Wilson tends to do that to me (even with 20 extra pounds on him).

Got my mum the Susan Boyle Christmas album as a "gag" gift (long story), but when she started playing it I was amazed.


Rich, how are you just now finding out about the awesomeness that is Royal?!?!!! that video popped up on YouTube a couple of years ago


Love the wrap-up post, Rich.

I was fully expecting to see Lady Gaga in this entry, but reading comprehensive posts like this always tend to remind me of the heaps of other stuff that happens in a year.

I guess I'd be lying if I said I'm not still holding out hope you'll comment on The Fame Monster...

Thanks for a great year of reading!


I'm so glad you posted that Sade link! I have listened to it roughly a million times already ... Can't wait for February.

Lisa M.

I was so happy to see another commenter who is terrified of Gremlins! I was forced to watch it when I was very young, and I was visibly freaking out but my older sister wouldn't leave it to walk me home. It still scares the beans out of me.

Vanessa M

All I have to say about Paris is--that pink dress was darn cute. Did you happen to see Paranormal Activity? Apologies if you blogged about this and I missed it. Anyways, it was Fuck you Up scary.


that's such a good point about Levi's butt.


"so that whole superhumans wrestling with their humanity thing really struck me"

The only character with super powers is Dr. Manhattan. Everyone else is a 'costumed' hero. No super powers. (Yeah, I know it looks like they have super strength in the movie but seriously, they're not supposed to have any special abilities.)

I think it was mostly the media and people in the industry who were honestly surprised that someone who doesn't look like a model can sing. They've been pushing the whole "you have to look like this to have a music career" thing so long they not only believe their own lie but have begun to equate looks with talent and ability.


Just watched Orphan last night, and that flick is CRAZY-ASS is anyone who misses out on it. Even my boyfriend, not normally a horror film fan, was freaking.

Monica C.

Never heard of Broken Embraces, but based on what you said, now Must See It.

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