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January 21, 2010



Oh jesus, that's like something you'd see in a fictional movie that's overtly trying to be disturbing.
Now I have to see this documentary just to see how masochistic these women are.


i need a shower after watching that clip. REAL creepy. Espesh the part where the dudes are just standing around staring at her. ew ew ew.

Melvin and Zoey at Mouchois

Seeing my uncle is a biker and I've been to plenty of biker bars, this article didn't really shock me. Hahaha.
Hell, I've followed my uncle around like the budding 21 year old that I am and even made my way to a biker bar where I proceeded to watch the National Spelling Bee championship and discuss politics with a "biker bitch" (she preferred this term).
They are a cultured folk, I must say. "Life is all about boobs, bikes and beaver" (I stole this statement from a tshirt that my very own blood relative wears proudly).


Miserable George is possibly one of the best names I have ever heard/
I just went to go get my hair done and there was a framed, autographed photo of the situation in the salon. His cousin is the owner of the salon. Awesomeness.


I wanted to watch this last night, but the BF wasn't into it - thankfully Nat Geo is a station that shows things repeatedly!

Miss Lisa

"And even WHO to date.."

At least she's not interested in any of them. That makes it all so much better.


yuck! so sad.


Now I'm equally embarrassed to be (a) a woman and (b) a licensed motorcycle rider.

But you *know* I'm gonna go home and set my DVR to record this.


Um, yeah. I love you and read everything you write, and I never thought that it would ever feature our local strip club, "Cheaters". I need the full version, like, now.

and, this is disturbing.

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Thanks so much for all of that. When you bare your soul in words, you're not sure what the reaction will be. I'm glad you both found it so inspiring. And I thank you again for all your kind, supportive words.

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If there really was something to be frightened of in my baby’s room, it was my job to protect her.



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