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how did you manage to sit through Brothers?

maria r

i haven't watched any of these movies, but thanks for confirming that clint eastwood is still the biggest bore and overrated blowhard in cinema today (next to paul haggis).


ha! tyler perry's koi pond. good one!


Bless you, Rich. Just...bless you.

Henry Evil

I have to say I kind of enjoyed A Single Man. Weightless and self-obsessed, yes, but I found it strangely enchanting anyway. Though Julianne Moore was pretty weirdly over the top, I agree.


Is The Lovely Bones really going to be nominated for lots of stuff? EVERY review I've read of this movie is negative, like brutally negative...I'd still like to read the book tho.

John T

ke$ha stans are the worst, ugh


God, I love Samantha Morton.


Samantha Morton should have, like, 12 Oscars by now. She's great in everything, from the dull "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" to the erudite "Schenectady, New York"... I haven't seen "The Messenger", but there's buzz buzzing all around it and it looks great. And I agree with John T., Ke$ha stans suck a$$...


It's weird that Ebert said 2009 was a banner year for movies. I really respect his opinion, but the movies this year seem really forgettable.


You've actually clarified something for me about "A Single Man" that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I went into the movie counting Isherwood's "A Single Man" as one of my favorite books. It's delicate and subtle and wide-ranging and true. And I knew that the movie would ruin it, and I knew I hated the movie when I saw it, but I was having a hard time explaining why the book was great and the movie was terrible without sounding like a lazy person who just reflexively asserts that everything in the book was better.

But your comments about how predictable and self-loathing the movie is brought into focus for me the fact that the three big departures from the book were in fact all serving the same end. (1) in the book the Juliane Moore character is a fat old hippie, (2) the student who goes swimming with George is VERY definitively NOT gay, and (3) HE NEVER EVER CONTEMPLATES SUICIDE. All three of these big changes serve to make George's situation more obvious, more of a gay-tragedy cliché, less ambiguous, and in the end less true.

I doubt this will convince you that it's worth reading Isherwood's book. (It's really short! You can finish it in a afternoon! It's funny and moving!) But spare a tiny tiny tear for all the people whose experience of the novel will be forever tainted by this sadly ill-conceived film.


I'm immensely delighted that someone else felt Up in the Air was forced and smug and that someone is championing The Messenger. If you had also loathed Avatar and not used Arakiesque as a put down, I'd think you should just prescreen every movie for me.


The Lovely Bones is a lovely book, but I cannot stomach Marky Mark, so I will pass on the film. Thank you for a review that removed any guilt I had.


I loved Up in the Air and I feel no shame in admitting that it's my favourite film of 2009. So suck it, bitches!

But in all seriousness, I found all three main characters to be wonderfully performed by Clooney, Kendrick and Farmiga, and I enjoyed it for what it is. Shame Rich, I was really hopin' you'd like it. Oh well.

In other news, your thoughts on It's Complicated make me ooze with anticipation.


I'm with Grrg, it makes me sad that people might think that Christopher Isherwood's writing in any way resembles this mess of a movie.


“I prefer a lot of semen."

Without a doubt, my favorite Meryl Streep movie quote of all time. Even more so than "That's all."; "The dingo ate my baby." or "Don't make me choose. Please.. don't make me choose."


Hmm, you hate both mediocrely-reviewed films that seem very mediocre indeed, and 2 of the films that I want most to do well at the Oscars this year. Eh.


Look at friggin' Armand White over here! Professor Contrary all the time. I'm sorry that you have such violently negative reactions to Jason Reitman's films, because my reactions have been consistently and overwhelmingly positive. And what's wrong with Julianne Moore playing Patsy? I agree that she was miscast, but I think she made the most of it. But thank you for admitting that "It's Complicated" was so delightful. Meryl rules, Ke$ha drools. I'll book us two seats on the Old Queen Express (OQE?).


Yay! Someone else hated Up In the Air! I'm pretty disgusted that it's actually getting Oscar buzz. Geesh.

The worst part for me was that - after having the "Message" rammed down our throats for an hour an a half - there was absolutely no payoff. He was right back in the same place he was at the beginning of the movie. Why did I just spend my morning watching some smug prick learn nothing and have his previous notions about life reinforced? What a journey!!!

Have you seen A Serious Man? I found it enchanting.


Oooh other Samantha Morton fans! She's my favourite actress, yet so many times when I tell people that they almost always respond with "Who?" Ugh. Allegedly she's a nut job in real life, but on screen she is BRILLIANT. I've never heard of this movie though, so thanks Rich, I'll be watching it!


Some Ke$ha stan called me old on ONTD the other day

I saw that. The cunt.


hi rich, first of all i love you for writing this post and enjoy your commentary ALWAYS. i saw a single man and i liked it. but i tend to enjoy gorgeous movies that are self-loathing. that's just me. i totally get what you had to say about the whole thing though. i do agree with the other comment that if i had read the book first i am quite sure i would have hated the movie. i am going to read the book asap.


wow ke$ha stans are dangerously stupid. doesn't this person appreciate what your animated gifs bring to the community? links to this ontd happening, please.


I really felt like "Invictus" was actually just "Remember the Titans" for people who watch a lot of Oprah.


Invictus made Nelson Mandela look moronic. Very unintentionally? unflattering.

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