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January 05, 2010



I say you do the Winston thing regardless.


No comment.


I can't tell if that GIF was in slow motion or my connection is really bad, but that was the most extended, thoughtful nip sip I've ever witnessed.

Oh, now it's sped up. Definitely sexier in slow-mo.

Miss Lisa

I just had to hide this screen because my landlord came over to fix the toilet. Just wanted to share...




and fuckin milk gets rated r.





Here's something, at least:



My friend and I were turned away at the ticket booth when we tried to see this movie. Now I know why - she was just trying to protect us from developing unrealistic sexual expectations (re: wild monkey-sex).

Also, I'm surprised this movie even saw major theatrical release in Ontario back in those dark, prudish Mary Brown/Film Review Board-era days.


The first time I saw Sixteen Candles, we rented the VHS from blockbuster. Said it was rated PG but that popular girl is totally nude in her shower scene. Same sort of thing thing with Fast Times at Ridgemont High. One quite awkward Christmas Eve.


okay, I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet, because it's the first thing I thought of: http://www.public.iastate.edu/~garden/music/tori/pig.jpg

obviously the Tori pic is staged, not live-action. but still, I wish I could go back in time & show this clip to all my lame 8th grade friends who were shocked by the Boys for Pele liner notes back in the day.


The answer is: you are the first person in history to get through that unwatchable film. Congratulations. It paid off.


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al lujan





"if the girls back home could see me now!" = my favorite line from this film and sums up every single scene.

Vanessa M

I watched this on cable. With my parents when I was like, 11 or 12. How the fuck did I manage not to run out of the room screaming in primal Freudian terror? Gack I don't even remember the chimp nipple fetish. I do remember Tarzan demonstrating his affection for her by splashing water on her bosom while Bo stood there looking serenely orgasmic. Altho, that is her typical expression. It must rock to be her lady area.


The chimp appears to do that incredibly gently. It is likely just a straightforward sign of tenderness.

Add to that the possibility that Bo's head is covered in marshmallow fluff, and the conclusion is that the chimp is just saying ''great to meet you!''


i guess she has a thing for being naked with the animals!


MJ Klein

hey, i'm not gonna suck on Bo Derek's nipples anymore after that!


you should see the out takes


Easy, my friend. Rich, this is nothing! It's like the three second rule of dropping food on the floor - if you pick it up fast enough it's like it nevah happened.

Hmmm. Does that even make sense? Anyhow I agree with comment #1. Hope Win's not a biter though. Just sayin.

Parenting Magazine

Gee! I wonder how the girl feels about it??!!!

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