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January 28, 2010



The best winner to ever step foot on that show. She is so hot.

Jason LeRoy

I really hope this is true, but according to this ONTD post, it's yet another fabricated WENN report:



But it has to be true!!


I was so stoked when I heard, until I saw this:



is it still ok to frame the screen cap of Rich saying my name even if it ends up it might not be true?

the maljax

I'm going to hope that the universe is actually going to do something hilarious and Alexander McQueen will now notice her and decide, "Yeah. Let's book her."


I thought she Face Booked that it wasn't true:


But, then I did a little digging and her profile picture doesn't look like the one in the supposed response, and there is a photoshopped picture of R Patz and her in an embrace...so now I don't know what to think.


Yeah, this hasn't been confirmed yet.


She is a really good model. At least, she appeared to be a good one on the show. So bravo, indeed!


But you only mean the American version of Top Model, right? Because Alice, the winner from Cycle 3 of AusNTM has been pretty successful.

RICH! I hope you watch AusNTM cuz it's the best one! I mean, they actually look like models sometimes.


nooo!!! it HAS to be true! Rich, are we still friends?


She hasn't confirmed or denied anything on her Facebook (her actual one). However, her only Twitter post says "This is for all my fans out there who have begged me to get tweeting! This is for you...I owe you guys. I promise great things to come! ;)" I believe this sounds promising, but I also don't think anyone should get ahead of themselves (which everyone is already doing anyway, haha).


antm related, is this allison harvard?



It would be really hard to believe that Alexander McQueen would sign a model for for his Spring 2011 collection when he hasn't even shown Fall 2010 yet!
Impossible, in fact.
Sorry Rich, This story smells faker than a giant pile of Tyra's wigs.


it's a fake.


that being said, i wish it was real. i feel like she could really work well with the mcqueen look!


i'm pretty sure this is fake too, but man... that would be sweet


YAAAAY she was one of my favorite ANTM contestants ever!
I'm so glad she's actually getting success. And it's funny that she wasnt one of those desperately-craycray for modelling girls either.
Go bloody eyeball!


Aw, shit. Nevermind. You got me.


Nicole's great but at 5'7" no way even if McQ does like redheads. Besides, the S/S 2010 campaign stars Raquel Zimmerman and is out now. It's like people don't have anything better to do but start stupid rumors.


I thought Elise from cycle one has had a pretty impressive career as a model. No one seems to give her any credit, but she worked for years after her appearance on the show and booked some pretty impressive gigs.


I am still rooting for her...she is gorgeous!!! And, she can model....good luck BE!


Has Elise done anything besides working in Hong Kong? That's not exactly a fashion capital


to answer the last post: Elyse definitely modelled in Milan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Paris, and Australia based on tears sheets, commercials and her blog. There may be other markets as well.


Oh how I wanted this to be true. But alas, it is not. McQueen himself denied it.


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