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Hurry up with your Grammy overview! And leave nothing out!!


also ANTM related:
is this rae? she did have that tooth brushing obsession, right?


And now he's dead.



that was definitely Allison Harvard

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Nicole Fox is the hottest girl in the world. I live in the city where she grew up and I she went to my same high school. She was so beautiful and funny!

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The only thing that I don't like about it is the number of gruesome scenes that the movie has.

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Your blog is so wonderful. How lucky to see what you have written. Hope you continue to work hard. I wish you have a good health.

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I'm so glad you got over your fear - or are at least able to control it - for your children's sake. I hope I'll be able to do the same with a lot of my fears and anxieties. Thanks for this inspiring tale.

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Very beautiful tribute, my ears are teary as I write this, it is an anniversary for me as well. I lost my mom 6 years ago today, on Halloween, I still think of this as a unusual time to have died. But that is the date, I loved your memorys, as they show her attentive touch, grandmothers just know.

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Beautiful piece, as lovely as she was. Great tribute on what would have been her birthday.

ride on

A lovely story that moved me very much. A big hug from Austin, for all our grandmothers.


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