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January 21, 2010



I recently saw this as well and I sat through all of it being overcome by question marks. What is going on? I still can't objectively say whether it had any actual good film making to it but it's so imaginative, creative, adorable in its strange nativity and so utterly random that it'll always have a little place in my heart. Also: cat!


I saw this at IFC over the weekend and I can't remember the last time I left a theater so happy.

The only way I could think of describing it to my friends without just telling everything that happened was "like Argento meets Monty Python and takes a bottle of crushed up Prozac to the face." So wonderful.


These are going to be so abused on ONTD. lmao.


why the fuck isn't this coming to L.A.?

I found it free online, but I'm sure it's even more magical in person. And based on what I've seen, this post needs more gifs.

Melvin and Zoey at Mouchois

I've developed more of a love for you and your whole sense of being from this post alone.
Snowflake was always my dream kitty. I mean, who wouldn't want a cat that had literal "laser eyes"?
If you liked this movie enough to watch it twice, I highly recommend "Innocence". It's not silly like Hausu, but it has the same noir feeling to it and keeps you wondering what the hell is going on.


Even after reading this post, I still have no idea what this movie is about, yet I have this burning desire to get super stoned and watch it. If this comes to San Francisco, I'm going to watch it.


Edit: I just checked out the website and it's going to be at the Castro Theater in SF on April 17th!!


I saw this at IFC last weekend. I think my favorite part is when Mr. Togo turns into bananas. His character was so built up and the bam, just bananas.

Janus Films

Hey there,

Thanks for the great review! And m, HOUSE will be playing LA - it's at the New Beverly from March 12-16.


Janus Films


YES! I'm so glad you wrote about this. Saw it on Tuesday and loved it.

I had an idea for a possible script improvement I want to share (mostly because I really wanted this to be part of the plot).

I think instead of turning into bananas, Mr. Togo should have made it to the house. Upon arrival ghostly forces would grab him and force him to marry a child bride version of the aunt, who now looks like Gorgeous. The cat would mutate into some sort of demonic shinto priest to perform the ceremony. Fantasy would watch in horror and then be consumed as part of the wedding feast. The the FINAL final ending would happen, but Mr. Togo would come out at the end also transformed into some sort of demon.

I just REALLY wanted there to be a ghostly proto-beetleguese moment in the movie.

Cronenberg has my <3 2

I have been yearning to watch this movie for YEARS. I have shown every one I know the trailer for it on youtube. OMG LOVE. But I'm afraid to read your review because I dont want to let it be spoiled for when I finally do watch it... in years time. So +1 I guess? [sorry]


I thoroughly suggest you rent 'Happiness of the Katakuri's,' it's also a trippy horror-thing of Japanese origin. Considering how similar my film taste seems to be to yours, you would most likely enjoy it :P


Not to completely nerd out or destroy the lovely randomness of the 'Logic' section, but "please be nice to me" ("douzo yoroshiku") is a standard part of introductions in Japanese language. Doesn't really make it any less of an awkward exchange between people who are meeting for the first time, but there you go.


I really hope someone puts this out on DVD!


Taylor, I wouldn't worry, if Janus is distributing this in theaters that means that a Criterion Collection DVD release will eventually happen, which will pretty much be the best.


Dear Janus Films,

Apparently I have no reading comprehension skills. Wasn't expecting to find L.A. between Manitoba and Delaware.


So psyched you covered this! Saw it on Saturday. Hands down one of the most entertaining films I've ever viewed in my short time on earth.


In the 4th picture down: Apparently, Japan beat us to the "I can has cheezburger?" punch by 30+ years.

I need to see this so bad it actually hurts, despite my recent disappointment with Marronnier, another campy Japanese lesbilicious flick. Had to turn that one off.


The pictures are interesting.gochristian shoes

Miss Lisa

That happened? I don't know but I'm going to try and make "Kung Fu Always Cheerful!" my new nickname for 2010. I mean, a stove is a stove, you know?


it was awesome, thanks for the recomendation!


my favorite part is when blanche has her own cat rendition of the main song, complete with meow lyrics.


i saw this at the IFC theater tonight. i went in knowing very little about it but enough to expect to like it. i was not disappointed. on of the most amusing, fucked up, hilarious movies i've ever seen!
oh, and killer gifs, rich. well done!


oh how i wish this was coming to toronto now... (sigh)


Okay, so I tracked this down online (which I ordinarily wouldn't do---honest!---but it's not coming anywhere near me) and once again, you have steered me to something awesome. I freakin' LOVED this movie and will definitely buy it when/if it comes out on DVD.

One of my favorite parts: when the girls jump up and one of them, remembering that she's supposed to be clumsy in her fright, grabs a tray and throws it down. Oh, and also the scene where the cat appears to be eating Auntie out. (I assume they put food or something in her lap so the cat would stay put, but man, sure didn't look like that to me!)

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