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Holy schmoly that movie looks goood!


This has been one of my favorite movies for about two million years. Or maybe it just seems that long because this film is just so entirely insane. I've seen it about four or five times now and I still have no idea what the hell it's about. It's just that great.


For anyone with a multi-region DVD player, Eureka just released this on DVD over here in the UK on their 'Masters of Cinema' range with a new print, revised translations and recent interviews with the cast/crew. As soon as I saw this film it became one of my top 10 films of all time!


OK, I just saw this psychedelic, amazing film at Cinema 21 in Portland, and it's never going to leave my top 10! From the very first scene, and ever shot that followed, I just kept saying, "What the fuck?!?" It's INSANE. But sooooo good. Incredible editing skills and great music! My fave bit is when Melody gets eaten by the piano. And the cat! Meow!

However, it seems, like you mentioned, that the version you have posted here is a different translation to the new one doing the rounds. There is lots that makes more sense (from your "Logic" section) in the new version, and everything is just translated better, such as their names.

I am also confused because a couple scenes have been mentioned that I don't remember - the girls jumping up and one of them grabbing a tray and throwing it down, and then the one where the cat was supposedly eating auntie out. However, so much was going on at once, it could be that I missed it.

Must watch again! DVD, here I come...


I just discovered this post today, and by chance, it was playing in Chicago. It changed my life. This is not an exaggeration.


Just to sort of clear up the cat name thing, the cat's name in Japanese is "Shiro" which means "white." It's really common in Japan to name animals either "Shiro" or "Kuro" (black) but we don't really have equivalent names here, hence Blanche/Snowflake. Calling the cat "Whitey" would have added a much more interesting perspective on the whole thing, though...

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RICH!! I have been reading your ANTM pages for years, and I saw House twice this week in LA. Greatest thing I have ever, ever seen. And my friend just found your review! Pleased as punch to share this with you.

That cat's eating a lizard.


Saw this tonight at Bloor Cinema in Toronto with the only frame of reference being this review (and the recent announcement of Criterion's releasing it in Oct '10). I'd like to thank you for your amazing review. It was incredible being able to see your screencaps and graphics in context.


Actually some of those logic issues are just issues with the old translation I think. I just watched the new version yesterday and as much as I hate to be on the side of defending the logic of Housu, some of that dialog did make sense.

For instance they're looking at an old fashion stove, Mac asks how she's going to work it, and Gorgeous answers something like "a stove is a stove".


Hey, Rich, check out this amazing analysis of Housu that actually KIND OF explains what's going on:
It argues that Hausu is possibly just as much of a response to Japan's perceived post-WWII demasculinization as any postwar samurai movie. "You might choose to see this as a movie in which cuteness squares off against horror (and then cuteness tragically loses)...But you might also see it as a movie in which cuteness and horror get grafted onto one another, in which case you end up with cute horror or a horrible cuteness—in which case Hausu would be like a hundred other movies that wish the Japanese would just sack up."

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where did u find the bird, does it not on the tree?

Okay, granted, this blog post is 2 years old, but I can't help but comment as I saw this movie last week.

The most disturbing thing about it is it comes off as a major vore fantasy. Many of the girls, except Kung Fu since she's eaten head first, moan while getting eaten as if they're having orgasms. Especially Melody. In the one I saw the translation says her floating head is saying "Naughty!" as she smiles at the camera.

I can still understand the plot though. The aunt's fiance went to war and never returned. His body was never found so she waited for him because he promised to return. She dies and her spirit possesses the house. By eating unmarried girls she can regain her strength and put on her wedding gown while she waits for her beloved to return.

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