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January 04, 2010



Oh Rich, you please me so.


Thank you for noting the hypocrisy that Snookie getting punched in the face is not ok, but everyone else getting punched in the face (boys, girls) is fine! I thought the exact same thing - I just don't get to blog about it... :)


Great recap! Seems like Ronnie has been listening to some Big L. I wasn't sure why they were all mad at the Situation (other than being a creeper which I totally get). Also, no mention of Vinny's key role in the show?


Ah! I need to see this episode! Hilarious review as always!


My "favorite" part was Vinny talking about how some girls would come over and they didn't take off their clothes and hop in the jacuzzi, but other girls wouldn't and they had to be treated respectably, "like humans."

So I guess the hot tub jumpers aren't humans. Maybe they're marmosets or something. As must be the guys, as they're jumping in the hot tub with no clothes on every chance they get.


I'm so glad you caught the "You don't do something for someone that didn't do anything for you. This is what we got in return: Snickers punched in the face" comment by ronnie.
It makes so little sense, probably the interviewers in the confessionals had just told him that the situation was buying drinks for brad - and so he said that. But then of course, it's so obvious, situation shoulda forseen that snookie would get punched due to those free drinks!


I really want to try some of the Situation's chicken cutlets.


The fact that Snooks is/was a vet tech makes me love her even more. Would she even be able to see over the exam table?


I think Snooki was cultured in a petri dish from tissue scraped off of Christina Aguilera's cervix.


2 reasons i heart rich:


"Why so Situation-ious?"


It kills me how all of the housemates consistently mispronounce 'Snookie's' name....duh!


The situation could make a situation out of my anus if he wore a beautiful purple satin sack over his head at the same time...

that's Mrs. Nigel Barker to you

I've been living for the return of Jersey Shore and your subsequent recap for what seems like an eternity. It was so delicious with the Perfect Poof Pick, J-Wowwww tit gif, and free blindness test. You are thank you-ed!!!!


Loved the recap, but why no mention of Vinnie, and his love for da cougahs?


This recap made me laugh so hard, I actually cried a little. Excellent job, as always.


This recap was the high-light of my stressful day. I laughed so hard, I almost woke my sister up. Thank you so much for making my evening better.


Can we a gif of Vinny falling off the boat?


I can't believed I missed the multiple boob adjustments. Thank god I have you, Rich.


This made me laugh probably just as much as the actual episode did.

I loved that the reason she couldn't eat the lobsters was because "they are alive when you kill them."



It's in a different cranial area, but there's something about Snooki's poof that reminds me of Ronald Reagan's.


Beau Brummell (about King George IV) "Pray, Alvanley, who's your fat friend?"
Snookie truly is the modern equivalent of an eighteenth-century Dandy.


I feel the need to give Jwowwwww some props here. She was kind enough to tell Snooki that the girl called them all fat instead of just her. It's a small kindness, but still... It almost makes me forgive that horrific hotpants + stockings outfit she wore OUTSIDE (in public). Almost.

Also, I think "the lobsters are alive when you kill them" might just be the best reality tv quote ever. Love.


New favorite dance guy is SOOOOOOO HOT.


I love that Ronnie keeps calling her snickers...LOL!


I died when Snookie said lobster's "are alive when you kill them". Hilarious! Thanks for posting these. You make me feel better about watching these ridiculous shows.

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