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great recap again. i cant get enough of this shit.





I completely loved that Snookie's response to the pickle thing was to be pissed that Mike wasted her pickles. He did-- he took the last two or three in the jar, and then used the juice for that nasty concoction under Vinny's bed. Snookie probably would've been mad if he'd taken the last pickles to EAT them. But not even eating them truly hit her in her pickle wallet, as you say. Mike is a douche.


Goddammit, I've been resisting this show but now I think I have to watch it. You introduced me to The Paper, after all, so you have cred with me.

I hereby dub my vagina the Pickle Wallet.


Rich, you are my favorite.

I don't know what I'm going to do with my Thursday nights now.

Angela P.

there's no need to resist this show- it's the best reality series since I Love New York II.

maria r

I'm Italian, absolutely nothing at all like these people, and yet deep, deep, down, I see a tiny bit of myself in them.

maria r

God bless me, it's fuckin' summa is the best line uttered by anyone in the history of television.

Karen Sugarpants

"if you want to really get Snooki, hit her where it counts: her pickle wallet."

Sweet Baby Star of David, that was genius.

Dr. Remulak

"Go back to NJ" : I'm a NJ lifer & I MOST DEFINITELY want this on a bumper sticker AND a shore-store T shirt.

Dr. Remulak

Also, props to Ron-Ron for doing what many, many NJ residents have secretly wanted to do every time they visit the shore: laying a beating on one of those insufferably irritating "bennies go home" a-holes. Is Jersey the only state where locals deliberately antagonize their tourists?


I can't believe someone else remembers the City Jet from Ocean City! Reading your blogs always makes my day that much better.


I think Hallmark or American Greetings needs to produce Jersey Shore themed cards for Valentine's Day to capture the beautiful and visceral take on romance these people have. In particular, i'm looking to purchase an "I've loved you since Prehistoric Kindergarten" card for my beloved.


Loved it and your recap as usual, I was totally meshing the two shows together in my brain and it turned into the most entertaining 2 hours I have experienced this year. At first I felt bad for Danielle, but damn there are cameras around, she knew that, and still kept up her stalker ways. Yikes!

And wow, when you point out that it looks like you're wearing a halloween costume, and you don't care, thats a girl who completely lost her guidette mind.


That last group gif was the best example of bangin' the beat!!


Danielle had a faux coach bag!??!....I love the shore!


"What did the five fingers say to the face... slap!" is from one of the Rick James episodes of The Chapelle Show. Hopefully he was just quoting.


Yes, I believe the context of the 'five fingers' joke was in reference to the Chappelle Show, during some of the Rick James bits (and of course w/ Charlie Murphy). Being that there were plenty of slaps being handed all around in this episode, particularly from Jwoww, Mike's reference to the joke is probably one of the most intellectual references he's made on the entire show. And that's saying something.

And Vinny's eyebrows are THAT amazing. My boyfriend's eyebrows are even more expressive (and twitchy) than that, and his eyebrows aren't even sculpted.


I meant "aren't" in reference to Vinny's eyebrows on my last post. :(

He's still a guido cutie though!


Danielle's fake Coach purse bring me much joy. So does Snookie's falling for the farm boy... CUTE!


WTF IS WITH THE "SITUATION"'S ("THE SITUATION"'S?) THUMB? HOW DOES IT BEND LIKE THAT? That last screen cap of him is freeking me out!!!!!!!!!

Have you seen this, Rick?!
Love your recaps :D


That pickle wallet line made me laugh so hard. You're the best, Rich.

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