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January 23, 2010


Angela P.

We both got emotional there at the end! What a great recap for a great show.


Considering the fact that he was on a first-name basis with the cops who arrested him, I wasn't surprised that Snooki was able to give them only a first name.

I love your recaps, as always! The last part about the end of summer was perfect.


When does Snookin for love start?


there's a freakin' poof-shaped hole in my heart where jersey shore once was :(


Wait. That was NOT just a month. That could not have been just a month. What? That was a whole lot of livin for just one month, bro.


Rich, thank you for doing these wonderful recaps all season. I devoured each one in the same rabid way that I devoured each episode of this show. Cheers to you, sir!


By the way, you saw this right?


Jude C

"where do you find these gorillas? Not in the mist, shockingly enough: in Gorilla Central. And where's that? Sometimes the Jersey Shore, sometimes elsewhere. Really, it's anywhere it wants to be. Such is society run by gorillas."



Rich, I'm also from the Jersey Shore and that last paragraph about nostalgia and the changing seasons made my heart grow two whole sizes.

Here's to more fist pumping next "summah".


as one of those kids who used to hit the jersey shore for summer, and who grew up in a neighborhood full of guidos, i too am going to miss this mess of a show. its the only thing ive watched on mtv in years.

and yeah - seriously - which one of these kids is gonna have the next dating show?


I was a little bit tipsy when I watched this show, so I may not have all the details right, but I loved how JWOWW (was it her?) said something about not knowing where Ronnie would be held and should they call 911 to find out? Snooks said she thought 911 was for emergencies. Yes, Snooks is the brains of the operation here. Fantastic.


What's happening in that first photo? Is that the reunion show twenty years from now?

that's Mrs. Nigel Barker to you

Would love to know if I'm alone in the desire to buy the DVDs of the JS.
I really didn't intend on falling in love either but the shore had me in one shot bro.


I personally loved how Snooki's response (before calling the station looking for Ronny, just Ronny) was to ponder: Do we call 911? Do we call the URGENT CARE?!


I'm surprised you didn't mention the scenes where each cast member drives off in their own cars. It starts with Mike and his Range Rova, then a few other pretty nice cars, and then poor Snooks in her old hoopty. LOL. I thought that was classic.


They are living, breathing refutations of the whole Darwinian cosmology. The unfit not only survive, they thrive.

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A lovely story that moved me very much. A big hug from Austin, for all our grandmothers.

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Thank you scanner. It is too bad the media isn't getting it right. But that is probably not just circumstance.

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