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January 13, 2010



My eye is twitching.


those turntables are missing a mixer


Just found this:


the audition info for this tape.. i'm trying to find out who this awful girl is! rich, what's her name?


This deserves a Jessica Simpson-sized "Oh my gaw."


This shit spouts straight up wisedom:

"Make your good better and your better best!"

"It's a girl thing!!"

"A popstar way of life: sing, dance....and GO FOR IT!!"

I kinda love how cynical this video is in setting up young girls for disillusionment...all for a few bucks (on VHS, no less). A cold, blackened heart beats in Bella Dancerella's chest.


where do you find these vhs tapes?

that's Mrs. Nigel Barker to you

I love that the Party Girl dance is an un-drunk guido fist-pump.
Way to beat up the beat Bella.



Melinda Books is the girl... she got the job through a model agency based in Ottawa, Canada. I'm so proud my country supplies these quality actresses ha ha ha.


Whoops, Melinda D. that is. I should probably learn to read.


E-Nun-ciate MUCH Bella? W H Y ARe TAlking Like You Are Drunk And you just LEARNED English BeLLA? I'm suddenly embarrassed to be Canadian.

Penny Boo

Is this current? If so, these girls are going to be embarrassed that they made this video in 3...2...1.

Nice braces Bella: sing, dance and pick cheetos out of your teeth. (ah memories)


I...can't believe this was released as recently as 2005. Wow.


Whachu talkin about bella?


"it's not about fame and fortune, it's about DANCING!" perfect.


You can totally tell Bella is an utter BITCH.


Holy shit. That was sooo much worse than I expected. In retrospect, I should have seen it coming...


My daughter has this in DVD (so you know it's new and moderny)--as well as Bella Dancerella Cheerleader and Bella Dancerella Ballerina. Yes, we are contributing to the disillusionment of our daughter.


Um, I meant "delusionment." Which might not be an actual word. Whatever.


Marcella, MINE TOO!!! My right eye just wouldn't stop twitching while viewing this wonderful pop culture gem. And during the fist pumping all i could think about was pauly & "'em beating the beat....good times :)


WANT!!!!!!!! I was just talking to my friend about how no one has made a '90s pop star version of Rock Band/Guitar Hero/DDR. Our dreams are Bella Dancerella's reality! Also I think there is some bad blood between Hip Hop 1 and Hip Hop 2... I wish we got a deeper more introspective look into their lives.


chasgoose: they have, it's called Band Hero.


i knew that girl had to be canadian!

that damn monkey

What the bloody fuck? This is, without a doubt, the damn whitest thing I have ever seen.

Lis V.

I'm now a little in love with DJ Sugar, the best part of this fiasco. She's got personality, bad-ass dance moves and an amazing Adidas track suit...and she's a much better role model for young gals than crazy, vapid Bella.

sexy ass

Truth be told, many women have this same fantasy. Many more have even “busted a move” for their lover. Sound like fun? It sure is! Plus, the Romantic Striptease is an awesome way to show your big ass just how sexy you’re feeling. And take it from me, he will agree with you 100%.

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