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January 26, 2010


Chris L.

Samuel Delany's book Times Square Red, Times Square Blue is something you may like. He documents his experiences in Old Times Square and writes about its transition.


I worked in the box office for a play that rented a "stage" in a place called "Show World" around the corner from the cleaned up 42nd street theater strip a few years ago. Video booths downstairs, handwritten signs saying "No Live Nude Girls" in the stairwell, and giant, creepy, dusty clown puppets hanging over the stairs. The decor was hot pink, black, and mirrored. There was a pole on the stage. I disappointed several guys who came upstairs to inquire about the nature of the show. They didn't want me to say, "It's a political allegory about the most recent mayoral election." What part of "No Live Nude Girls" did they not understand?!

I took so many photos of those clowns.


Ha! Go Chris L. I opened up this post just to recommend Times Square Red, Times Square Blue by Samuel Delany, as the best guide to the old 42nd street that I know of, from a gay perspective no less. His book of letters called 1984 is a must-read too.(And The Mad Man..and...)

In the weeks before Giuliani forced all the porn shops and strip clubs to close, (late 90's) myself and 3 lesbian pals made a night of it on Valentines Day and went to every single one that was still open. I still have my collection of peep show tokens.

I do miss the old Times Square. I miss getting off the bus at Port Authority and dodging the puking junkie hookers to get to the subway. Made me feel like I was actually in NYC and not Disneyland.


I'm really quite fascinated by this. I would love to go back in time and explore old, seedy Times Square (not in a lascivious way!) - seems to have had so much more personality than it does now.


It's hilarious to think the only way to watch porno flicks was in public! Any coward can watch porn on the Web, you had to have guts show your face in a movie theater.


Yes, Times square has become mindless Disney World, But I'd still take Chevy's over this...



Isn't it all just over on 8th avenue now?

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too bad for me, the video doesn't exist anymore. *sigh*

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Times Square used to be really wonderful

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I'm not wrong though, I don't have the inclination to engage in mind numbing repetitive labor arguing the same partison point with you because you can't look beyond team republican.

The fact that you are on a libertarian board, arguing with everyone here as if they were rooting for "team republican" (and mainly by way of snark rather than serious commentary) merely shows that your are a "team democrat" partisan hack.

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